The Third Wheel

[short story]

❝Its hard to live with the fact that you're in love with someone who will never love you back.❞


7. The Third Wheel :7

We had just finished our last class of the day. Since I was in my last year, some of my friends and I were given authoritative positions. We usually had weekly Friday meetings. This one lasted a bit longer than the usual, before we finalized the meeting; it began to rain, getting very heavy. We had to finish up quickly before the rain got any worse, which it was anyways.


We rushed back to our class and gathered our things as quickly as we could. Emily left as soon as she was done leaving the rest of us. I remembered how Alex walks to school and now that it was raining he might not be able to do that.


“Mel, do you mind dropping me off home?” he asked.


“Sure.” I answered him.


We collect our things and leave the classroom and go to where my car was. We had to rush or we’d get both our things and bodies wet. Thankfully, my car was parked nearby so we’d get there fast.


I’m panting a bit as we entered; he sat on the passengers seat and dropped his bag and mine at the back. I got to drop him off at his house; the thought of it made me feel a bit giddy. The beginning of the drive was a bit silent until he started telling me the directions.


I kind of felt awkward; I didn’t really know what to say. I mentally face-palmed myself. We’re both alone and I can’t even say anything.  This is truly embarrassing. I guess he felt awkward to because he was biting his nails…I never really liked people when the bite their nails, it irritates me. I was once a nail biter but a good friend of mine helped me break the habit.


“Sorry but could stop biting your nails, its kind of gross.” I said cringing a bit.


“Oh, sorry ‘bout.” He said while wiping his fingers on his jeans.




“You know, there’s some hand sanitizer in bag.” I tried hinting him to use it.


“Okay…” seriously!


“You can use if you want…” he still doesn’t get it, wow. My crush everyone. I wonder what I ever saw in him anyway…oh wait if I explained I’d probably get too distracted and crash this car.


“That’s my house.” He indicated by pointing at it.


They rain had lessened and was nothing but a mere drizzle. While he gathered his things I took my time to examine his home. It was average house, covered with bricks and he probably had a dog because I could hear one coming from his houses’ direction.


“Well thanks for dropping me off.”  He thanked me before he shut the door and left.


As I drove away, I knew this would my last time ever coming to his house again.



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