The Third Wheel

[short story]

❝Its hard to live with the fact that you're in love with someone who will never love you back.❞


6. The Third Wheel :6

P.E, one of the few classes I kind of enjoyed in school. We were going to play football, a sport I actually liked. This was one of the many things Alex and I had in common, we loved to talk about it a lot during classes or breaks.


This also happens to be one of the many sports Emily doesn’t like, she thinks its stupid but I beg to differ. Once we were all changed and ready we went to the field. We did a few warm-up exercises, which Alex coordinated because he’s the P.E teacher’s favourite.


Once we finished, our teacher explained the game to us, and then put us in teams. Sadly, he put Alex and Emily on the same team. It didn’t matter anyway because she was just going to stay at the back next to the goalie.


As soon as the whistle was blown the game began. I was placed as a left-back defender. I blocked the ball a few times but when I saw Alex coming my way at full speed with the ball, I knew I was going to put my hardest to stop him.


I ran towards him, trying to the get ball but failed causing the two of us to collide into each other and fall harshly on the ground. Sadly, I didn’t land on him but on the grass, it was really painful but I had to put up with it.


Alex came to my aid and helped me up, “Wow, for a girl you can really take a hit.”


“What’s that meant to mean? Just because I’m a girl doesn’t mean I’m weaker.”


I yank my hand from his and walk away. Yes, I may be head-over-heels for this boy but that doesn’t mean he can insult me based on my gender and I know just how to get him. I continued to play but I went all out whenever Alex came my way.


I remember just before the game was about to end, our teams were tied and it was tie-breaking goal Alex was about to score. Alex was just about to score the goal but I decided to accidentally bump into him. This caused him to fall on the ground, while the ball rolled to my team mate who scored the winning goal.


I walked towards him and bent down, “Wow, for a guy you can really take a hit.”



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