The Third Wheel

[short story]

❝Its hard to live with the fact that you're in love with someone who will never love you back.❞


5. The Third Wheel :5

People always asked Melanie if she was angry whenever she was not behaving like how she normally did. She was not always angry or silently containing negative feeling for someone or something , well not all time. There were days that she just did not want to have human company or talk to anyone, all she wanted was to be left alone with only her imagination as her source of entertainment.


Today was one of those days; "Are you alright?" "Did anyone upset you?" these were some of the few questions that repeatedly asked and it began to annoy her. Her answer was always constant an never changed, "I'm fine, there is not anything and anyone bothering me." And chose to ignore anything else they decided to utter after that sentence.


She sat quietly by at the back of the class, when someone walked up to where she was staying. They probably just wanted to know what was wrong...again. She did not even make an effort to acknowledge the individuals presence and thought it was best to ignore them, hoping they'd take the hint and leave. To her dismay the person didn't and thought it was a good idea to continually prod her shoulder with their finger.


She knew the only way to cease their annoying actions she would have to answer their query. What Melanie didn't was to identify Alex as the frustrating human being disrupting her alone time. "Can you please stop, that's quite annoying."


It was quite a challenge to make sure she still looked annoyed, even if he was bothering her. In all honesty, all she'd like to do at that moment was to smile and talk to him. He likes someone else so don't even bother. Overthink situations was a quality she did not always admire about herself. It usually prevented her from doing things she could have enjoyed. Her conscience was right, he did like someone.


He smiled, "Don't be sad Mel, it makes me sad when I see other people being unhappy."


That sentence made her feel a little bit bad but...she had to stay strong, his attempts would not work. She had to remind herself the she had to get over him and if she can't resist this then she won't be able to handle anything. Her only response was to look down at her thighs and start to play with her fingers.


Now unlike most people Melanie knew, Alex was usually determined to see things through. He did not leave but instead chose to call his friends for backup and minutes later she was surrounded by three other male classmates. Nothing good was bound to come out of this. She noticed him whispering things into his companions ears and they just nod while they had smiles all on full display on their faces. It wasn't a happy kind of smile, it was the type of smile evil killers usually wore on their faces.


Seconds later, they began to twerk! If this was what Alex thought would make Melanie laugh then there he was right because she could not stop herself from laughing at their silly antics. In her defence who wouldn't? Four very tall and muscular teenaged males were twerking their butts dangerously close to my face. Did Melanie enjoying enough of it, maybe a little bit but afterwards it grew a bit disturbing.


Alex then proceeded to kneel down and scoot himself towards Melanie, "Happy now?"


What else was she to do, he had succeeded in putting a wide grin on her face and had no other choice but to smile and nod.


I have no choice but to smile and nod.


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