The Third Wheel

[short story]

❝Its hard to live with the fact that you're in love with someone who will never love you back.❞


2. The Third Wheel :2




Sometimes, Melanie felt like screaming in his face how much about how she felt about him. Like all these indescribable feelings she experienced whenever she was around him, talking to him or even just seeing him from a distance. The fluttery feeling she got when they spoke and the jolt that roamed through her when their skin came in the smallest form of contact. Even if she ever worked up enough courage to actually utter such things he probably wouldn't take notice. She is forced to always try to forget about him, he was no good for her yet it was no use because she would always think about him. Every little thing about him from the curls all over his soft brown hair to his dimples that formed whenever he smiled, his toned body formed from years of playing numerous sporting activities and his personality.


If she was to tell anyone these thoughts that would always lurk around her mind, they'd probably assume shows just another hormonal female that was probably stalking a boy - It was the fact that Melanie would reminisce on some of her favourites memories of the two of them together. Her favourite was when she received a first kiss...kind of:


"You guys lets play truth or dare!" an excited voice across the room beamed with happiness. 


The rest of the people in the class responded with the same energy, agreeing to join and play the game that led to nothing but commotion, at least that was what Melanie thought of it.


"No thanks, I'll pass. You guys can but I'll just sit and draw." she said, not wanting to take part in the game because truth be told, she never really liked the concept of the game. To her it was just an excuse for people to gather around and learn secrets about one another and hopefully get a kiss with their crush.


No one was bothered by her decision and began to ask series of questions and dares, mostly stupid dares. One dare caught the full attention of Melanie. "I dare you to kiss...Melanie on the lips!" the person who gave that dare just added them-self to her imaginary list.


"What! No! I'm not even playing with you guys." she complained but was simply denied a right to be excluded. It was not like she had interrupted them, she was casually minding her own business and attempting to improve her barely there artistic skills. Why did they decide to include her in their 'game'.


"C'mon Mel, just a peck..." he said, lightly whispering it in her left ear.


Melanie began to feel uncomfortable, she did not do things like this. She liked to stay within her comfort zone, she was never one to actually follow through with these kind of things but being the silly girl that she refused to believe she was, Melanie agreed. This was the moment she had been waiting  for but obviously not under her present circumstance. Maybe it was a sign, maybe with this kiss he would finally feel what she felt. He was moving in closer to her face, their breaths fanning each other until they were so close you could balance a ball between the two. 


He gave her lips a quick glance before finally placing his own on it and the next second it was off. While he was still there standing so close to poor Melanie smiling with a grin so wide even the cheshire cat couldn't compete with it.


 "See that wasn't so bad after all."


Author's Note

Yay! Double updates ^^ I hope you all like this.

I would really love to see some feedback on what you think of this :)

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