The Third Wheel

[short story]

❝Its hard to live with the fact that you're in love with someone who will never love you back.❞


15. The Third Wheel :15

It was the last day of school; everyone said they were going to do something special. I wasn’t going to bother myself because I didn’t think it was that special. We had our prize giving ceremony and we had some time to kill before we all finally went our separate way.


I went to the playground and climbed up on the jungle gym. I sat there and read a book. Everyone else was doing something fun but I’m a very lazy person so I didn’t feel like joining them.


Two people crawled under the jungle gym and began whispering things. It wasn’t quiet enough because I could hear what they were saying. I was a bit fascinated with what they were chatting about so I paid a bit more attention. I recognized on of the voices, it was Chloe and another girl.


“I heard he was going to ask her out.” She said.


My whole attention was now focused on their conversation


“Yeah me too. In fact, I saw him walking to the Library to meet her.” The other voice confirmed.


I was now filled with curiosity to see whom they could have been talking about. I pick up my book and made it look like I was reading it as I left. They didn’t notice me, so I walked quickly to get to the library to see it happen. I really hated myself for poking my nose in someone else’s business but when I’m bored it’s too hard to resist.


Thankfully the Library wasn’t too far. As I was speed walking, questions kept running through my mind on who these two people could be. I’ll just have to wait till I get to the Library.


I entered the building and saw a mop of dark brown hair moving. I quietly followed making sure not to make any sound. Those librarians should be ashamed on for not being here.


I saw a small figure reading a book; she has dirty blonde hair, which was covering her face. The boy, tip toed behind her and covered her eyes with his large hands.


She slowly stood up and turned around smiling. When I saw their faces, I was grief-stricken. I can’t believe Alex is asking Emily again. They were the people Chloe was talking about. How did I not realize that? This time it looked like he was getting a yes.


I was frozen. I tried to get myself to stand up and leave before he asked but my legs refused to move. His hands settled on her waist as he looked down at her.

I felt a single tear drop roll own my cheek as he said the words that I would never able to forget:



“Emily, I know we don’t always get along but it’s so hard to stop thinking about you. I know I’ve tired this several times only to get a no. Will you go out with me, because I love you.”


The last three words really hit me. I was silently sobbing now, I had to contain myself or they’d see me. Unlike her usual response, this time she had a huge smile on her face and said yes. He hugged her then kissed her.


At that moment I couldn’t take it anymore, I rushed up to my feet and left. I didn’t even care if they saw me because it wouldn’t matter anymore. All those times I thought we could be together, I thought I could actually have a chance.


None of that even mattered anymore, because I have and will always be The Third Wheel.



Author's Note

The End! Oh my gosh, I've finished my first book ^^

Thank you to everyone who has been with me since day 1!

I don't think I would have gotten this far without you.

Okay, I posted a little teaser banner for my new book.

Here's the Early Acces Link, 2a0608bd-f6e0-404d-8082-ae331fdd1d3a.

I will also post it in a mumble soon. 

I guess you weren't expecting this, sorry :(

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