Falling Back

Faith Jacobs was adopted at the age of ten by the Jacobs, she had an amazing life until she turned 14 her mother died and her father changed he stared drinking and beating faith ,but she runs away
what happens when she falls in love?
what happens when she leaves to follow her dream?
would she come back?


1. me

          ''Go make me food now Faith" said my father and pulling me by my hair.

Will you see my name is faith Jacobs I'm 15, I live in the United Kingdom in Bradford, I got adopted at the age of ten by the Jacob. I went to the orphanage when I was three my real mom and passed away in a car accident is what I heard so yeah. will my adoption mother passed away a year ago I miss her a lot. now I only live with my adoption father but he has changed a lot. he's been drinking, yelling and beating me for no reason, I just wish things could change.

     Well let me tell you more about me. I have short brownish blondedish curly hair I'm  5'2 I like the color purple and blue, I love singing and dancing, and well I love going out and having fun. I have one cousin name zac  Jacobs he works for a music producer and he's been trying to sigh  me in and make my dream come true. Me and zac are like bestfriends we did everything together like swim, dance, and sing plus he plays the piano and drums. he's 18 and like and older brother to me, but he moved to the United States so I don't really see him. I have lots of friends in school but I just rather have my three grate friends with me. There names are Liliy, Beca, and Dustin. They help me a lot and that's why I love them


         In the morning I woke up by the sound of my alarm. I got of my bed and headed to the bathroom. I took a shower, got dressed in some skinny jeans and a sweatshirt I let my hair curl on it's own, and walked down stairs quietly so I don't wake up my father. I got my bag and phone and headed out the door. My phone started ring I saw it was liliy.

      L-"hey Faith you ready to get picked up"

     F-"Hey lil and yea I am out already"

    L-"Alright then be right over'

    F-"ok lil bye" 

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