He Who Holds The Clouds

'Lyra Stag, I have but one question for you.'

In the world where your nightmares are alive and we are silently destroying eachother, what is there really left to fear?
Harry. The man who had it all and held the clouds in his hands wanted something new. Lyra was new. She stumbled in the dark, blinded by the terrors of each day, waiting for something to change.
But you have to ask yourself, in the end, would you do it all again?


1. Hearth


From the first time we open our eyes to the last time we close them, we are constantly consumed by the fearful question of ‘what’s going to happen next?’ It’s not a simple thing, one cannot roll a dice and find their future, they must fall, stumble, crash and burn into their darkest moments to come out shining. They named me Lyra, and like many others, I was afraid. There were things unknown to us yet we still thought we understood them. We believed that one day, when the time came, we would be capable of recreating all that we’ve destroyed. In our efforts to seek some unknown future, we’ve destroyed land, poisoned water and murdered the innocent all for what would seem to prove a point or for the sheer amusement of it because after all, what good could all this destruction possibly cause? I’m not an environmentalist, and I don’t preach that we should love the planet, but my family is in the most convenient term, royal.

Ruling over one of the largest countries on the planet, you tend to see a lot of what occurs in the world. Hearth, the replica planet of earth situated roughly five light years away, floats in the space undetected by the human populace of Earth. Now, beings on a planet in outer space, to clarify, we are not extra-terrestrial, though there is a neighbouring planet that contains dinosaur hybrid. Far from friendly but you’d never notice their existence if it weren’t for the occasional dead carcass that got hurled through the stars and crashed onto our planet. Sounds unpleasant, but really only happens one a week.



It was a typical Saturday evening here, when the cities safety alarm sounded. It was used as a warning method for when damaging items were bound for us. Usual procedure went underway, but unlike normal, the alarm did not stop after a few minutes, it lasted hours. As the fourth hour rang on, it was abruptly shut off and we were being escorted into the city centre. There, before my very eyes, was a man.




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