Who We Were || Larry Stylinson

*If you don't ship Larry, don't read because I don't want any hate... Thank you.*

Harry sings, Louis acts, it was a wonder they hadn't met before. Now they have, though. And as friendship typically does... It blossoms into a beautiful, colorful, magical love story.
But can their love take on the hardest test? Not existing at all.


4. We've Gone Mad

Six months later

Harry tried to shut the door without any noise, it was past midnight and he didn't want to wake Louis. There were no lights on, Harry had a good feeling he was in the clear for tonight.

In the morning he would try to quickly brush it off as work. Technically that wasn't a lie, he was working before another friend showed up. Then she turned it into a gathering, and then a lot more people showed up, and it was a full out party.

Harry had made it through the kitchen, where he set his keys. He was in the den setting his bag in his armchair before heading to bed when the archway lit up.

"I've got you this time Harold." Louis stood there between the hall and the den, a slight smirk on his face.

"I don't know what you're talking about Boo." Harry smirked to himself as he took his phone out of his bag.

"I told you not to call me that." Louis started to walk towards Harry.

Harry stopped for a moment to look him directly in the face. "Don't call me Harold." Then he continued to walk away. "My name is Harry."

"Where were you?" Louis followed. Harry rolled his eyes thinking 'Here we go again'.

"I was working Louis. I still do that." Harry set his hands on his chest, to make the 'I' feeling a little stronger.

"You know it's not my fault I ha-"

"Yeah. Yeah. Yeah." Harry waved his hand at Louis as he continued to walk. He stepped into their bedroom, which looked perfect, of course.

He pulled off his shirt, wiping the sweat from his face with it, then threw it on the bed. Louis grabbed it, taking it across the room to a laundry basket. He turned back to face Harry.

"What do you want from me Louis?" Harry threw his arms out.

"I want the truth. All you ever do is work now, and that is bullshit. If you were really working, you'd have at least three new albums out by now." Harry shook his head at Louis. He walked over to one of the dressers and started searching for a fresh shirt.

Harry sighed, giving in to Louis' frustration. "I was with Benjamin and Fiona. Usually Ben and I just work, but then Fiona showed up..." Harry trailed off. He didn't know how to tell Louis this, he hated both of them. But it wasn't his fault Ben was his writer, and Fiona was Ben's (on and off) girlfriend.

"Then what Harry?" Louis stood in the corner awaiting a "truthful" answer as he would call it.

Harry slipped on his clean shirt, then turned to Louis. "It's not like we had the time to fuck or anything Lou, not even if I wanted to. So, I don't know what else you want to hear from me?"

"Nothing because I just love Benjamin. Oh, and that Fiona is just a peach." Louis spoke with all the sarcasm he could muster at the moment.

"You hate Ben, and Fiona is a bitch I'll admit to that. She wasn't even suppose to be there. I don't want her around after what hap-"

"Do not speak of that. Ever." Harry nodded before looking back down into the dresser to search for a pair of sweatpants.

The room fell silent. It was the first time there had been some peace since Harry walked in the door.

A moment after Harry realized how quiet it was, he realized this was wrong. "I'm sorry." He pulled out his favorite pair that Louis had obviously cleaned and put away. Harry knew by the way they were folded. "I know I shouldn't be out so late, or I should at least tell you... But-"

"Harry, no." Louis looked from the ground to Harry. "I'm sorry. I shouldn't act like that, that is not me. You spend so much time away from home now, though. It's probably just me, but I feel like we're not the same. I feel like I'm loosing you. I'm afraid I'm going to lose you..."

Harry shook his head as he pulled off his pants. "Louis, you've gone mad. I'd be nowhere if I didn't have you. This place would be a mess, but I wouldn't even be here to notice it. You'd probably see my face in every magazine, face flat on the floor drunk. You have given me some sort of meaning, something to look forward to everyday. And if my asshole manager wasn't so set on keeping my image perfect, it would be you and I everyday. I would show you off to the world. Scream as loud as I could that yes we are together, yes we are happy, and no, not a soul is going to change it. I love you Lou. I'm not going anywhere." Harry had put on his sweatpants and made his way toward Louis.

Louis had a tear rolling down his cheek, but he didn't even bother with it. He felt it was more of a happy tear than a sad one. All his fears were gone. Harry has never told Louis how he felt before, and now Louis can see why.

He saves it. For times like these. When it's really needed.

"I love you too." Louis whispered.

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