Who We Were || Larry Stylinson

*If you don't ship Larry, don't read because I don't want any hate... Thank you.*

Harry sings, Louis acts, it was a wonder they hadn't met before. Now they have, though. And as friendship typically does... It blossoms into a beautiful, colorful, magical love story.
But can their love take on the hardest test? Not existing at all.


3. Does This Count

"Harry Styles stealing from children..." Louis shook his head. "The paps are going to love it."

Harry playfully slapped Louis. "You wouldn't."

"I don't know. It sure would give me quite a bit of cash." Louis shrugged his shoulders.

"First off, I didn't even steal it. Second-"

"Calm your tits big boy. I wouldn't do that to you." Louis gave Harry a confirming smile. Harry mentally wiped the sweat from his brow.

That's one thing Harry didn't have, a sense of humor. He could tell jokes all day long, if he felt like it, but he never understood them. He wondered if that's why people didn't laugh at most of his jokes. Maybe they didn't make any sense.

"This is you?" Harry looked up at the building they had stopped in front of.

"Only while we're filming this part of the movie. In a few weeks we'll be done." Louis stopped, but something told Harry he wanted to continue. So he didn't speak. "We're filming a little bit in Panama next. Then we're done."

"What kind of movie is it?" Harry could feel eyes on the pair, but what were they thinking. He'd find out tomorrow.

"Are you busy tomorrow?" It's like Louis already knew the answer. He was going through his wallet, then pulled out a pass.

"No." Harry shook his head, but then he realized he didn't want to sound too desperate. "Well, I don't think so."

"If any staff try and stop you, just show them this. They should let you right into the filming area. If they don't, tell them I need to have a word with them."

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