Who We Were || Larry Stylinson

*If you don't ship Larry, don't read because I don't want any hate... Thank you.*

Harry sings, Louis acts, it was a wonder they hadn't met before. Now they have, though. And as friendship typically does... It blossoms into a beautiful, colorful, magical love story.
But can their love take on the hardest test? Not existing at all.


1. Bad News (Prologue)

 "Louis?" The man questioned him from his big, black chair.

"Yes sir?" Louis replied, his voice a bit shaky. It was never good when someone was called into "The Office", as they called it.

"Harry?" The man now turned his attention to the curly haired boy sitting next to Louis.

"Yes?" Harry nodded his head. "Sir." He continuously bounced one of his legs so his entire body wouldn't shake.

"We are going to take care of this problem right now." The man's voice was filled with anger, possibly disappointment, that the two boys were in love.

"I just want -" Louis started to speak up.

"I don't care." The man stood up, his chair flew back. "I don't care what, or who, or why, but I don't want it to happen again." He pushed the magazine closer, so they could get a better look.

"What's the plan then?" Harry was a bit confused. Something like this doesn't just disappear... Or does it?

"Louis. We have found you a lovely, young woman. In a few days, when all this has cooled down, we will announce that you are dating. Somehow." He made sure Louis understood, if not his career was over. He turned his attention to Harry. A smile spread across his face. "Harry. You can go out and do whatever the hell you want." Harry seemed content with that. "As long as it doesn't involve him." He pointed to Harry's left.

Harry looked over at Louis. He smiled, but he could feel himself dying inside, already. Louis smiled back, he wanted to tell Harry how much he loved him, but there was just a big lump in his throat preventing any words from escaping.

Harry looked back at the boss and gave him a nod. So he took his attention, once again, to Louis. Louis reluctantly nodded. The room was silent, Louis kept his head to the floor, Harry's eyes were glued to Louis, but their hands slowly slipped apart.

"Fantastic. We're done here." The man shooed them out.

As they stood in the lobby, in the corner near the elevators, they gave each other one last hug. Louis asked for a kiss, but the elevator opened.

Stepping outside together, they said goodbye. Harry went left, Louis right.

Louis tried his best not to cry, especially in front of a bunch of people. But soon he was wiping away tears like windshield wipers would in the rain.

Harry wasn't afraid to let the world see him cry. He let his tears fall to the ground, creating a trail as he walked. He needed someone to hold him though, tell him everything would be okay. But the only one who could, would no more. Which meant, everything was not okay.

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