Free third story to trapped. (SHORT)

Bella's final battle between her and the fight for her love before time runs out to save Adam. She needs to break the curse and return everything back to its order but someone old comes back to haunt them.


4. Chapter4

18 years later.

I had finally decided to tell my parents, I'm leaving. "Mom!" I yelled. "Yes Dawn?" She asked. "I just turned eighteen" I said. "And you and dad said when I turn eighteen I could leave, so I decided to leave and choose my own path" I said. "I knew this would come, your father was a very good guy and he would love to see you choose your own path," just thinking about my dad, made me want to cry. My father died in a fire, my mother rebuilt the house by herself. I was only a baby so I never knew about my dad but I know their story and how this happened. "Well your on your own it's time to leave" my mother said. My mother gave me an already packed suitcase. I hugged her and left. I just kept walking until I saw a big city full of buildings and people. I decided to still live in the woods, but not with my mom. I waited until night. I needed to find her, she was gonna be scared of a wolf especially me.

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