Free third story to trapped. (SHORT)

Bella's final battle between her and the fight for her love before time runs out to save Adam. She needs to break the curse and return everything back to its order but someone old comes back to haunt them.


3. chapter3

Now that I was a wolf my hair had changed, I have brown half blonde hair. I have fangs, I love the scent of blood and my new favorite food is squirrel. Me and Adam lived together for quite sometime now we were adults and I was expecting our first child. We were married in the forrest and we lived in a small cottage. No one ever found us, It was October 6th and I was going into labor, I screamed a little bit but then came out a beautiful Baby Girl. We named her Dawn. Adam was in love with her, and we only worried she would come out like us, we were both wolves, Adam had an effect after the curse he had wolf blood and I was a wolf by birth or curse I don’t know. Dawn would become our life. But I didn’t know if I could go back to NewYork because they would find out. I wanted to give her a better life but I couldn’t do this to her not to us. So we kept her and until she was 18 she could leave the house. But until then we had our whole life planned out,thank you Eva for doing this.

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