Free third story to trapped. (SHORT)

Bella's final battle between her and the fight for her love before time runs out to save Adam. She needs to break the curse and return everything back to its order but someone old comes back to haunt them.


5. chapter 5

I found her, I dragged her out of that school. "Eva" I said. "Bella?!" She said. "No it's Dawn, and I've come to kill you" I said. "Your the devils spawn! I cannot let you stay!" Eva said to me, so she zapped me with her green ray, and I turned to ash and I dissapeared into an abyss of emptiness. "She's gone!" I said. I killed her! I left her and never looked back, my powers were back and no one can kill me again.

This was the finale of the beauty and The beast series hope you loved it.

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