The New Kid. *luke hemmings love story*

Isabel Rose, She makes sure she will never fall in love and get her heart broken, until one day a new kid shows up that makes her heart flutter.


3. Chapter 3

Isabel's POV


I wake up to my alarm going of "ugh" i groan and Luke laughs. He shakes me and says "come on cutie we don't want to be late for school". "Can't we just skip today? Its friday lukers" i said.

"It won't be that bad, you will have me" he smirks.

"Oh god thats even worse"

Luke gives me the eye

"I'm kidddinggg" i say laughing and wrapping my legs around his waist. "Take a joke" i laugh getting up to get ready. I head to the bathroom and close the door

Luke's POV

When she sat on me, i wanted to kiss her right then and there but tonight i have something planned special so our first kiss will be unforgettable. I go downstairs and see everyone else up but Ashton. I laugh and grab a glass of water and walk towards him.

"Awh luke don't do that to poor ashton" tessa says

I ignore her and poor the water on him. He jolts up and everyone starts laughing. Tessa goes up to him and wipes his face dry, as she was drying his face, he smashes his lips on hers and they kiss. "Ewwwww" the boys and I say

Tessa blushes and ashton just ignores us.

"Will you Tessa Lynn be my beautiful gorgeous girlfriend? Ashton says

"Of course!" Tessa says kissing him.

Awh yay they are finally a couple. Now i just need to ask Isabel to be my girlfriend next.

Isabel walks downstairs and Tessa tells her the news. She screams and gives them both a hug and tells them congrats. She is so precious

We all hop in the car to go to school. I was sitting by Isabel and i put my hand on her leg. She lays her head on my shoulders.

"Just date already" says Calum

Isabel and I blush

We get to school and the whole day was boring except i got to talk with Isabel every class period so she kept me company.

The final bell rings and we finally can go home

Isabel went to go take a shower so i wrote a note saying:

"Hey beautiful, went home to change, pick you up at 8 for our date. Wear a bikini under your clothes (causal (; ) see you then!

Love, Lukers

I leave her house and head home to get ready for our date

Isabel's POV

I got out of the shower and noticed luke wasnt here. I found a note on my bed and he had i'm guessing a beach date planned. I smile and curl my hair and put light make up on and put on my favorite Turquoise bikini. I put some ripped jean shorts and a crop top on that said Nirvana on it. I check my phone and its 7:55. Luke should be here any minute. I here a knock on the door and i smile expecting it to be Luke, but is not.... 


xoxo Malee 




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