The New Kid. *luke hemmings love story*

Isabel Rose, She makes sure she will never fall in love and get her heart broken, until one day a new kid shows up that makes her heart flutter.


2. Chapter 2

Luke's POV.


Okay tonight has to be perfect if i want her to start falling for me and actually give me a chance. I decide to text Isabel.


Me: Can't wait for tonight (;

Isabel: yeah me neither! We are gonna have a blast!

Me: i'll see you in 20 (:

Isabel: mkay!


Isabel's POV

"Mkay!" i replied back to Luke's text. I can't wait to spend time with outside of school. He has only been here for a day and i feel like i have known him forever.. But i need to guard myself, he might be like those guys who talk to you for a little bit, get you to have a little bit of feelings and then boom. They are gone. Not this time for me though, i won't let him do that to me.

I went to lightly curl my hair and put on my spongebob onesie. Tessa and i have matching onesies that we wear on girls night. I go downstairs to get some lemonade and i hear mumbling outside. I quietly go see who it is and its Luke walking back and forth trying to figure out how his knock is gonna be. How cute. I laugh a little as he does a cute little knock and I open the door, he turns around and smiles. "Hey isa" isa.. I like it (: "haha hey lukers" i laugh a little replying. He gives me a light hug and i invite him in. "Tessa will be here in about 5 min." I said. "Okay sounds good, ashton just texted me saying the guys will be here in 5 as well." He replies. I can't help but just stare at him, he is so cute. He noticed me staring and i quickly looked away blushing. He walks over to me and scoots me closer so our foreheads are touching and we just look into each others eyes for what seems like hours but was only seconds because then there were multiple knocks at the door. I go over to answer and it was Tessa and the 3 other boys. "Hey Isabel!" Says everyone in sinc. Hey guys come on in! I said.

Lukes POV

Isabel is just amazing. I think i'm falling for her... Hard.. I noticed she was staring at me and i looked at her which caused her to look away and blush. She is so beautiful when she blushes. I chuckle a little and walk over to her and scoot her closer to me so our foreheads are touching. I wanted to kiss her so bad but its not the right moment right now. I need to get to know her better. We heard a bunch of knocks at door which made Isabel go and answer it, i wish we could have stayed the way we were forever. It was perfect. As soon as she opened the door the boys and Tessa all walk in and say hi to me and then started searching for a movie for all of us to watch. I noticed that Tessa and Isabel were wearing a onesie, except Tessa's was Patricks and Isabel's was Spongebob. The guys and Tessa agreed on a horror movie which caused Isabel to kind of tense up. Perfect.

"While you guys start the movie, Isabel and i will get some popcorn and drinks" i said.

"K" they all said

Isabel and I walked to the kitchen and she started making popcorn.

"Hey" i said. "Hey Luke" haha.

"So i'm guessing you don't like scary movies huh?"

"I'm just a little scared, that's all." She said

"Don't worry, i'll protect you" i said while putting my arm around her waist which caused her to blush.

"Thanks. Now lets go watch the movie" she said while grabbing the popcorn and i grabbed the drinks and we walked to the living room.

During the movie, Isabel started to get scared and was shaking so i pulled her closer to me and put my arm around her and put my hand on top of hers which made her feel better as she snuggled into my chest.

After the movie, Tessa and the guys all crashed on the floor so Isabel and I went upstairs to her room because she was getting sleepy too. We got upstairs and she plopped on her bed.

"Luke" she said


"Can you stay with me, i'm scared."

"Of course" i said taking my shirt off and slipping into bed next to her. I wrap my arms around her and she falls asleep almost instantly. I kiss her gently on her foreheard and fall asleep myself.

Best. Day. Ever. I said quietly to before falling asleep.

Isabel's POV

I wasn't fully asleep when Luke kissed my forehead. He was so gentle and his lips were soft. I heard him say to himself "best day ever" as he fell asleep. I smiled and then i went to sleep. 


xoxo Malee 

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