Diana (H.S FanFic) {COMPLETED}

Will Diana's Life change completely when she meets the boys? Who will she fall for? Do you think that her parents died "accidentally" in the crash they had a few months ago? Read on to find out
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7. Chapter 7| Leaving Home

Chapter 7| Leaving Home

Diana's P.O.V

It has already been 2 years since i lived with my Uncle Bob. I Am Now 17 years old. I Hate my life now. I am always getting bad luck. Today i went to school and i was at my locker. My friend Meadow was there and she started to tell me funny jokes. We both laughed real hard and everyone was staring at us. I didn't care as long as we were both happy. Then Maddie and her friends came over. She came up to me and pushed me. "Oops i didnt see you there" she smirked and laughed with her friends. I was tired of her bothering me everyday. "You dont belong here at all Lil' Weak Girl. You Know Nothing and you cant stand up for yourself. You Always go crying like a baby telling your friend to help you" she laughed.


Did she just call me a 'Baby'?! " Repeat that last sentence again you Bastard" i came up to her. " I said You Always go crying To Your Friends for help like a Baby" then Maddie's friends started making baby sounds. i looked at her in anger and put my hand into a fist. I smacked Maddie's Face and she looked at me. she was going to slap me back until i got her arm and twisted it. She yelped. "You call me that one more time or bother me again. I Swear i will punch the crap out of you!" i yelled at her as i had a fist up. She nodded and i let go of her hand. she started to cry and then me and Meadow went to our class.


"Wow Diana! I cant believe you actually scared Maddie. Your the first person i have ever seen do that!" Meadow looked at me with shock. "I know, i was tired of her bullying me so last night i thought if i was mean to her, she would stop bothering me." I went back home and went straight to my room. i lifted up my shirt and it reminded me of what my Uncle has done to me last week. i started to cry. I Thought for a while then i had an idea. 'I will escape this house i was living in and run away' i got my bag and started to pack my thing. i was done and i picked up my bag.


i turned around to get my dryer, but then i saw my Uncle there staring at me with an angry face. "Where are you going And What's that bag For?!?!?" He furiously told me. "I-I Well Um I-I Was going to throw the trash away" i said quickly. He didn't believe me and that's when he slapped me and i fell to the ground.


he got a nearby belt and started to hit me. I cried and then he left the room. I was on the floor Trembling with fear. After a few hours i got up with the strength i had left and got my hair dryer.


i put it in my bag and then i was about to go out the door but my uncle was in the living room. I opened the window and got out with my bag and ran away. I ran as far as i could, Until i came to a Street i didn't recognize. 


I Was walking for about a day and then i fell down to the ground. i haven't eaten anything or drank anything since yesterday. I was trying to yell for help but i couldn't. i was wishing for someone to come and help me. But i guess no one will come to the rescue :'(

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