Diana (H.S FanFic) {COMPLETED}

Will Diana's Life change completely when she meets the boys? Who will she fall for? Do you think that her parents died "accidentally" in the crash they had a few months ago? Read on to find out
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5. Chapter 5| New School, New Friend

Chapter 5| New School, New Friend

Diana's P.O.V

I was in my room sleeping until my alarm went off. I quickly turned it off and looked at the time. it was 6:00 in the morning. I got out of bed or more like the mattress and went to get clothing. i got out Blue Skinny Jeans,a blue shirt with the words "A LITTLE DAINTY" on it, and my fave converse. I headed off to the bathroom and took a warm shower. once i was done i put on my clothes and got out my hair dryer.


i dried my hair and put it up in a messed up ponytail. i took out my tooth brush and tooth paste and brushed my teeth. I went to go get my bag and went to the living room where i found my Uncle in the couch watching TV. "Uncle I'm Leaving to school" He didn't seem to care so i left. Once I was at the new school, John Dooley High, i entered and then everyone started to stare at me.


I ignored them and went to the front office. I Knew where it was because there was a huge sign that said 'Front Office'. I entered and a women looked up at me. "Hello Are You Diana Parker?" How did she know my name?

"Yes" i said with a shaky voice.

"We were expecting you. Have a seat" i sat down. why that explains how she knew my name.

"I sent a student up to the office so she can show you around this school." i nodded and in came a girl. She had Light Brown Eyes,She was medium, her hair was Dirty blonde with a tint of red, and her skin was a tanish pale.


"Here she is. She's is going to show you around the school." the women from the office said as she saw The girl come in.

"OMG your Diana I'm so happy to finally meeting you! They have been telling me all about you!" She said excitedly And came over to shake my hand. I smiled and we exited the office. She showed me around the whole school. "And here is the auditorium. This is where we perform and make announcements. Its Basically where we eat but when we perform we clear out the tables and stuff." She smiled and I smiled back."Do You have the paper that tells you which class you will be going to" the girl asked me.


"Y-yes. Here it is" I said shyly as I took out the papers. I gave her the papers and she gasped. "OMG! you have the same classes as me! If you don't know where the classes are you can always follow me." She smiled and I said "OK". She led me to our class and then I asked her a question. "Umm what's your name?" I asked shyly "My Name Is Meadow. As in the flowers in the meadow." She smiled big. "You have a pretty name" I looked at her.


"Awww thanks! You too Diana!" She smiled and I smiled back. We went to the 4th class and after that we went to lunch. "You want to be friends" I was a bot shy. "of course I would!" she smiled and I was happy that I made a first friend here. Once we were done we went to our 5th class. The hours past and then we were about to leave. "OK students before you go. You have to choose a partner and make a project about the Environment." the teacher Ms.Walter said. Every one had a partner except me. Until Meadow came over.


"Want to be my partner?" She smiled. I nodded and we left the class. We were talking about what should the Environment look like. "I will come over after school to your house" I told her. "Okay here's my address" meadow took out a piece of paper and wrote down her address with a pen she had in her pocket. She gave it to me and then we left in different directions. I came back home and went to my room. "Uncle Can I go over to Meadows house to do our project?"


He looked at me. "NO!! GO TO YOUR ROOM NOW!!" He yelled at me and pointed to the hall. I walked over to my room. I had to go to Meadows house. Than I got an idea. When it was 7:00 I tip toed to the door and went running to Meadows house to do our project.

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