Diana (H.S FanFic) {COMPLETED}

Will Diana's Life change completely when she meets the boys? Who will she fall for? Do you think that her parents died "accidentally" in the crash they had a few months ago? Read on to find out
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3. Chapter 3| Worst News

Chapter 3|Worst News

Diana's P.O.V

   I was in my room playing my guitar. I decided to record myself play the song One Thing by One Direction on my guitar and sing it. I recorded myself and Once I finished, I got out my laptop. I went to my YouTube account and uploaded my first video. I was excited and decided to play the piano. I was going to sing and play the song Payphone by Maroon 5.

I was starting to play until the phone rang. I stood up and was about to open the door. "I WILL GET IT GIRLS!DON'T WORRY!" I heard my aunt Mary yell from the kitchen. I yelled an "OK" and went back to playing my song and singing it. When I finished I uploaded the video and I sat down on my bed and pulled out a book. It  was called The Outsiders. I was reading and then I fell asleep.

Aunt Mary's P.O.V

I was in the kitchen cooking until I heard the phone ring. "I WILL GET IT GIRLS! DON'T WORRY" I yelled from the kitchen and ran to the phone. I heard an "OK" from Diana. I picked up the phone. "Hello?" I said over the phone. I could hear people in the background.

"Hello, is this Diana Parker?" a deep voice said over the phone.

 "No, this is her Aunt Mary.Do you need to have a word with her?" the deep voice said "YES". I told the man to hold on a second.

"Diana Somebody needs to talk to you!" She went downstairs, and I was holding the phone out. She got the phone and she answered. After that I went to the kitchen to prepare the food.

Diana's P.O.V

I was in my room sleeping peacefully. I woke up to a little face looking at me. I jumped up because i got scared a little bit. It was my little sister telling me to play with her. I smiled and went to her room to play. I said, "Here comes the tickle monster Ana". She screamed, laughed, and ran around the room. I got her and tickled her. She laughed so hard that she was bright as a cherry!

She started to tickle me. I laughed until I heard my name. "Diana Somebody needs to talk to you!" It was my aunt calling me. I looked at my sister and she was sad. "I Will play with you when I come back Ana" I smiled and hugged her. she smiled and we released from the hug. I got out and my aunt was holding the phone out. I grabbed the phone and my aunt went to the kitchen. "Hello?" a deep voice than spoke.

"Are you Diana Parker?"  "Yeah, why?" the man began to speak.

"Hello my name is Dr.Ross and I called to tell you that your parents ....." I was worried.

"What! What about them?" My voice trembled.

"Your parents .... died in the crash It Was hard for them." Dr.Ross said in a very sad tone. A tear fell on my cheek. "Thank You.For.Informing Me.Dr.Ross" I cried after every word. He Hung Up.I put the phone down and I ran to my room. I was crying on my pillow. My aunt came and sat beside me. I sat up. "What's the matter Diana?" she looked at me. I turned my face to her and I told her my parents died in the accident. She was shocked and began to cry. she hugged me. "want to tell your sisters?" she said sadly. I nodded and went downstairs. My sisters were playing a board game there. I cleared my throat that caught there attention. "I have to tell you something important." they looked at me and I continued. "Well .... Our parents died in the accident, it was hard for them." I looked at them with a sad face and there eyes watered. they began to cry. My Aunt Mary and I went and sat down next to them and hugged them.


We planned a funeral for my parents. we all got dressed in black and we went to the funeral. We gave out our speeches of what my parents were to us and how we felt for them. once we were done we came to see the dead bodies. my sisters were standing there crying. i hugged them and we went to sit down. everyone got a chance to look at my parents. Than some guys came in, closed the coffin, and took my parents away. They buried them and put the grave with their names on there. we put our flowers there and we left. I was up in my room. i didn't feel like practicing nothing. i thought to myself if anything worse would happen in my life. i stopped thinking about it and went to sleep since it was getting late.


Hey everyone! im sorry for uploading this chapter way to late. I was busy and i had to think of ideas. i hope your enjoying this book so far. if you have any questions or ideas for the next few chapters.... just add me on KIK and i would be more than happy to answer your questions and using your ideas. if you give any ideas you will get credit ;). my username is VeronicaZarate123





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