Diana (H.S FanFic) {COMPLETED}

Will Diana's Life change completely when she meets the boys? Who will she fall for? Do you think that her parents died "accidentally" in the crash they had a few months ago? Read on to find out
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23. Chapter 23| Drunk Niall

Chapter 23| Drunk Niall

Diana's P.O.V

It was dark out and Meadow was sleeping. Everyone else was at a party. Well Harry, Meadow,and i weren't. I was the only one awake. I heard a knock on the door and i opened it to find Niall all drunk. "Niall! What the heck! Why did you get drunk" He wobbled inside. "Me.You.Bed." He hiccuped after every word.


"Niall! I'm Not your GirlFriend! You are with Meadow" he grabbed my waist and tightened his grip. My hands were on his chest trying to pull away. He tried to lean in and kiss me. "Niall! Stop I Don't Want To Kiss You!!" i struggled and he got to my neck. "Niall STOP!!" I yelled at him. He Layed me on the couch. I Stood up to run to Harry's room. But Niall pushed me down to the couch. " NIALL STOP I DON'T LIKE YOU I LIKE HAR-" he placed his lips on mine. I struggled to get him out but he was holding me. 


Soon Meadow came downstairs and turned on the light "What's going on he-" She gasped. I finally pulled away from Niall. "Meadow it's not what you think" i came up to her. Niall wobbled up to me and Meadow. We stared at him as he walked into meadow's room. She turned to me and had a blank face. I tried to explain to her but i couldn't. She went to her room and closed the door.


Meadow's P.O.V

I closed the door to find Niall sleeping. I slept and i woke up the next morning. I went to take a shower. I put on a tang-top that said'That's Rock', some pants, and sandals. i went back to the room to find Niall awake. I came up and looked at him.


He smiled and was about to kiss him. I backed away from him. "What's wrong?" he asked me worried. "Do you remeber what happened last night?!" i raised my voice. "No" he looked at me sadly. "How could you?!" i opened the door and slammed it. I saw Diana and she ran up to me.


"Meadow Please let me explain to you" she looked at me. "ok now why were you kissing Niall! Oh Because you want to get him! Is that right!" i looked at her as we went to sit down on the couch. "Look, I was the only one awake. Until i heard a knock on the door. I opened to find Niall Drunk. he grabbed my waist and tightened his grip." i looked at her to continue.


"Then he said 'You.Me.Bed'. i knew what he meant and i told him he was with you. he tried to kiss me but i struggled to get out of his grip. He got to my neck and i told him to stop. he placed me on the couch. i tried to run to Harry's room but he grabbed me and pushed me down to the couch. He placed his lips on mine and i tried to get him off. I finally got to get him off when you came. Please Meadow. I swear to god I didn't want to kiss him and get him for myself."


she looked at me as a tear went down her cheek. i sighed. "Ok i forgive you but we have to keep Niall away Beer and some of the party's." she nodded and we told Niall. He soon apologized and swore he was never going to get drunk again. We went to sleep and then Niall kissed me. "What was that for Niall" i looked him in the eyes. "I gave you a kiss because i feel guilty for kissing Diana"


He said sadly. "Niall its alright its over i forgave you and you swore never to get drunk. I will go every you go." i smiled at him and he soon got happy. We all went to sleep.


Ideas by In Love With Harry 

Hey the idea for this chapter wasn't mine. It was from In Love With Harry. I gave her credit for it but I hope your enjoying this book. Will be making a sequel soon. Bye!!



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