Diana (H.S FanFic) {COMPLETED}

Will Diana's Life change completely when she meets the boys? Who will she fall for? Do you think that her parents died "accidentally" in the crash they had a few months ago? Read on to find out
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20. Chapter 20| The Girl

Chapter 20-|The Girl

Harry's P.O.V

I was in the kitchen making myself some coffee. I went to sit down on the couch. Diana came downstairs and went to the kitchen to make some coffee as well. She sat down next to me drinking her coffee. I put my Coffee Cup on the small table in front of us.


Diana put hers on the small table as well. She cuddled up next to me and smiled up at me. I hugged her and rubbed her back. We were like this for a while.Until there was a knock on the door. We sat up and Diana Looked at me. I gave her A kiss on the lips and opened up the door. I was in anger when i saw who it was. "What Are You Doing Here I Don't Need You Anymore!!" It was Ashley my ex- girlfriend.


Diana's P.O.V

I heard Harry scream at someone. I went next to him to find a girl with brown hair, brown eyes, tan skin, and was kinda medium and short. She had liked 4 inches of makeup on her. "Hello, Who Are You?" I asked kindly but in return i got yelled at.


"Names Ashley. Now back off my boy! He is mine! Why would he want to like an Ugly Girl Like you!!" She slapped me. Harry had a shocked face."Harry Back Off Please. Im going to teach this girl a lesson not to mess with me" Harry nodded and backed off. I cracked my knuckles and my neck. "Call me Ugly again and you will regret it."


She laughed."Ugly girl. Ahh im trembling with fear. Ooh Im so scared." she laughed. I got angry and pushed her. "I warned you!!" She ran inside next to Harry. But he pushed her away. I Looked at her. "So now your running over to my boyfriend for protection HUH" I came up to her and slapped her two times. "Get out before it gets worse"


i pointed at the door but she came to Harry and kissed him in the lips. He pushed her away again and wiped his lips. "Don't get near Harry again You got that!!" she got near harry and then i pushed her away from him. I slapped and punched her. Harry came to stop me. i was struggling to get her but i couldn't. I calmed down. "Now If you won't Leave Ashley. I will make you jealous" harry said.


She didn't leave so Harry turned me around and kissed me on the lips. Ashley shrieked and opened the door. "This won't be the last time you will be seeing me" I looked at her. "If you come back one more time. I swear i will beat you up and send you to the hospital!" i came up to her. She had fear in her eyes and ran away. i closed the door and sat on the ground with my arms on my knees.


i began to cry and Harry sat down next to me. "Don't believe her. You always will be beautiful to me no matter what. I promise you i will never leave your side." he hugged me and pecked my forehead. I smiled at him and he wiped the tears on cheek. "Come on let's go and watch a movie." He helped me up and we watched a movie. Everyone came downstairs. "Did somebody say 'Movies?!"


i giggled and nodded. Harry picked out a movie. he put it in. We watched the movie 'Monsters Inc." when it finished, We ate some soup. We laughed and joked around. It was dark out so we all went to sleep. Me and Harry got into bed and hugged each other for comfort. "Goodnight My Love"i smiled at Harry. "Goodnight Baby" he kissed my lips and we went to sleep.

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