Diana (H.S FanFic) {COMPLETED}

Will Diana's Life change completely when she meets the boys? Who will she fall for? Do you think that her parents died "accidentally" in the crash they had a few months ago? Read on to find out
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1. O N E


Diana's P.O.V

My name is Diana and I'm only 10. How I look like? Well....I have black wavy hair with brown streaks, and black eyes. I also have soft tan skin, and im medium. I'm not like many other girls that wear dresses and skirts. I wear jeans and shorts. I never wear makeup and never will. I'm not like those girls who wear 3 inches of makeup and look like clowns (sorry its true some do kinda look like clowns).


Im not those girls who are all girly girls,take everything seriously, are Like totally fake, and want attention from all guys. im more of a tomb boy and the opposite of what those other girls are. I went to a very good school but all the students weren't allowed to learn how to Sing, Dance, Play instruments, or any other Electives. The only subjects we learned there were Social Studies, Science, Math, Writing, and Reading.


I desperately wanted to learn how to Sing, Dance, and play the guitar and piano.I thought for a while and It came to my head. I was gonna teach myself and go to classes so i can learn. My parents bought me a piano and guitar so I taught myself how to play those two instruments and I went to vocal (Singing) classes, and Dancing Classes in a building, which was more of a school actually, called Riverside Academy.


It took me 5 years but it was worth it since I wanted to do those 5 things. I finally got out of Riverside Academy after being there for 5 years. They told me to practice at home so I can keep getting better and better. I was now 15 years old by the time. I was popular in the school I went to which was called Brown Junior High but only had 2 BFFs. I didn't care how many friends I had but to focus on my subjects. I was full of joy until I came home...

"Diana guess what sweetie" my mother said excitedly.

"What mom?" I asked while sitting down and getting my homework out so I can do it.


"Well your dad and I have been thinking a while about this but... WE are moving to London!! Eeehh! It was my dream to live over there and now it's gonna come true!" she said jumping up and down.

My head was looking down at my homework until I heard the words 'Moving'. My head shot up

"What?! But mom I love it here. I don't want to move" I said to her in a sad tone.

"Diana I know you feel sad and upset but we have to move, your father was hired there and we have to go over there to London." She said while sitting down across from me.

"what's more important, going to London so your dad can work or staying here."


She looked at me. I sighed

"Moving to London so my dad can work" I told her and looked at her so she knew I meant it. She smiled knowing I chose the right answer.

"Okay now finish your homework so we can go and take you to the park. Be sure to meet me downstairs at 5 o'clock sharp"

She kissed my forehead and left.

'Why did I have to move? How will I tell my BFFs this? They will be so upset and I don't like seeing them like that. What will happen when I go to a new school? Will people hate me? Will I have friends?'

So many questions were rushing through my mind, I couldn't concentrate on my homework. I put my head down on the table for a few minutes and looked at my watch.

"Its almost 5:00 p.m! I only have 40 minutes to finish my homework!"

I was frightened of making my mom sad for not being downstairs and not finishing all the homework they gave me, but I finished having only 20 minutes left. I got some Blue skinny Jeans, a blue Shirt, and my fave converse. I headed to the bathroom and took a warm shower.


I got out of the shower, put on my clothes, my shoes, and blow dried my hair. I put my hair up in a messy ponytail. I went downstairs to find my mother waiting for me at the kitchen table.

"Mom I'm ready to go to the park now" I smiled at her as I was at the door.


"OK let me get my keys" she got her keys and we left.

The next day I was at home on my bed really upset but I told myself to quit being like this on a beautiful Saturday morning. My phone rang which made me jump a little bit. I looked to see who was calling me.


It was one of my BFF's, Brooklyn. "Hello" I said over the phone

"Hey Diana It's Me Brooklyn! Can I come over!" Brooklyn asked me excitedly.


"OK be there in a 30 minutes. But before I go take a quick shower and go over to your house, I want to ask you a question." She asked me quite confused.

"Go ahead and ask me"

"Why are you upset? I can tell from The way you said 'Hello'. Is it because Your boyfriend broke up with you? If it is than don't be because your to perfect for him and he was always a dick towards you Diana.


He has already cheated on his previous girlfriends and now you? He is such an asshole! He only lays eyes on girls when their pretty and that's what he did to you! I can't believe he embarrassed you in front of everyone I the cafeteria!! if only i would tell him that he's a lil Freaking Bast-" I interrupted her because i knew what she was going to say next.

 "No its not that. I'll tell you when the other girls come." I knew the rest of the girls were coming because I asked them on Friday and they all said Yes

"OK be there soon bye bestie" Brooklyn then hung up. I sighed.

I went to my drawer and looked through it and got out Blue Skinny Jeans. I went to my closet and got out a Pink Tang Top that had a picture of a puppy. And then i got my sandals. I than went to shower and got out on time to hear a knock on the door. I changed real quick but didn't dry my hair. I went running downstairs with wet hair and opened the door. Brooklyn was there. "Hey!" She hugged me.


"Hey." i smiled at her and we walked upstairs to my room. I got my hair dryer and dried my hair and put it up in a messed up ponytail

"Are the other girls here?" She asked me curiously. "No but they will be here soon" I smiled at her weakly.

After waiting for a few minutes and playing cards, we heard a knock on the door. i went running downstairs and opened up to see Alexa and Brianna. "Hey girls" I said smiling.

We went to my room and we all sat down at a table. We all started to make jokes and we cracked ourselves up.


We watched some TV. My friends started to put a little bit of makeup on (just for fun) but except for me because i hate makeup:) i sighed. "Girls i have to tell you something" I told them sadly.

"What is it?" They all said at once and giggled. I giggled too.

"Well I have to tell you this but..." They turned around and looked at me to continue.

"Well.."  A tear went down my cheek just thinking about it. I wiped it away. "I'm moving next week" I said to them sadly. I started to cry and covered my face.


Tears came out of their eyes as well. "But why? Why cant you stay" Brianna asked me sadly. You could see her makeup running down on her cheek a little bit because of the tears. She got a cloth and wiped off the makeup. She looked better without it.


"I would if i could but i cant, My dad got hired in London And well they wanted to move there." i told them all. And they all hugged me.


"But give me your phone numbers so i can call you girls and tell you what's happening over there in London. Well all you 2 except Brooklyn because I have her phone number" I smiled.


They smiled and i gave them a paper and pencil. They put their phone numbers and they gave me the paper. I looked at it and grabbed my phone. I put in the numbers just in case I lost the paper.

"How bout let's spend some time here and have a slumber party?" Alexa asked.


We nodded and my BFFs were at my house for five days. They left and hugged me before they went back home. We were all packed and also thanks to my friends' help :). We started to pack on Saturday and finished on Friday. We were about to load the truck with the last 3 suitcases.


Until we saw a man in front of the drivers seat doing something. He wasn't sitting but he was doing something. "Excuse me sir what are you doing?" My Father asked the man.


He looked up and we couldn't see exactly who he was since it was dark outside. He ran away and he dropped something. We came closer and saw it was a screw driver and a hammer. "That was weird? Wonder what he was doing?" My dad was confused.

But we shrugged and put the last suitcases in the back of the truck. We got in the truck and drove off.

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