You Saved Me (Attack on titan)

Ayano and Ryker are best of friends but when they get out of training what happens in the real world?


5. What are you talking about?

 Ryker paced back and forth frantically, as she waited for the medic to return with the news. She was waiting to know if Ayano would make it or not. She was shaking, her palms sweaty. She sighed as she stopped and pressed her back against the wall and slid down to the floor. She pulled her knees to her chest as she rested her arms across her legs. It was late at night and she found herself drifting into sleep. Her eyelids started to droop. Everything went black.

(5:00 A.M.) 

Ryker woke with a jump as Jean sat across the room. He was staring but looked away. She noticed someone sitting next to her. Looking to the right she saw a girl with pale pink hair. "AYANO!!!" Giving her a hug mumbling things like, "Are you ok? Of course your ok. Don't you ever scare me like that. NEVER!"

Ayano just started at her kinda startled. But then she started laughing and shaking her head. They walked around for awhile. Ayano wouldn't be able to go out for sometime, but the officers and squad leader told Ryker she could stay whenever. 

 As Ryker and Jean walked outside to the training grounds, she looked up at him and asked "Why were you in the hall with me?" "I- uh... Marco was worried about you, so he sent me to go check on you." "But if he was worried, then why didn't he come himself?" "Uh..." Ryker was getting suspicious. "Did Marco really send you to check on me?" She asked. "No." He sighed. "I was the one who was worried." "Why would you be worried about me? Don't you like that one Mikasa girl?" He shook his head. "No." Ryker deadpanned and look forwards."What's wrong?" He asked, snapping her in reality. "I heard you following me. Why?" "What do you mean?" "When I ran off." "Like I said before. I was worried." Ryker casted her gaze infront of her. "I know your secret." Her head snapped up at him. "What are you talking about?" She asked, secretly panicking. "I saw you turn. You're one of the titan shifters." She shook her head. "I don't know what you're talking about." Jean stopped her and turned her to face him. "Yes you do! Don't lie to me! You're one of those titan-shifters! I saw you! So don't try to deny it!" He snapped. Ryker stepped back in fear. Jean noticed the fear in her eyes. "I-I'm sorry. I-I didn't mean to lash out like that." He said. Ryker looked down, holding back her tears. "Don't cry." She looked up at him. "Now I bet you think I'm a monster and you're gonna go spread it about the camp." She cried, running away. "Ryker!" He shouted after her. "Smooth." Malorie said, her and Haruto glaring daggers at him. Malorie ran after her, shouting her name. 

 Ryker found an abandoned house near the camp. She ran through the door and ran up the stairs, crying. She was in one of the small bedrooms, curled up in a corner. "Ryker!" She heard in the distance. It was Malorie. "Ryker! Come on, babe! Where are you?" She shouted. Ryker kept crying, running her slender fingers through her jet black hair. She heard stomping nearing the door. "Ryker..." Malorie whispered, opening the door.  She walked in all the way and walked towards Ryker, pulling her to her feet. Ryker threw her arms around Malorie's torso, crying into her uniform. 

 Jean stood there as the red head ran after his crush. He felt like a total jerk. Especially with Haruto glaring at him. He looked back at him with a guilty look. He ran off towards the infirmary, to find Ayano. He wanted to know how to make it up to Ryker for making her run off. 

 "Ayano?" He whispered as opened the door. "Yeah?" She asked, smiling. He walked in, his expression drowning in guilt. "What's wrong?" "I may-or-may-not have made Ryker upset and made her run off." "What?!" "I'm sorry! I already have Haruto and Malorie guilt-tripping me about it. I just need to know how to say sorry about it." He said. "Well, first you gotta find her and say sorry." "But, I'm not good at apologizing." Ayano got up and said "Well, I'll help you." "But don't you have to stay here?" "Nah, I can sneak out." "Okay." He said, walking out with Ayano. "Oi~" Levi said, walking infront of the two teens. "What are you doing with Ayano? She's supposed to be back in the infirmary." "I'm feeling fine now Senp- Heichou." Ayano said, blushing. "Tch, whatever. But if I find you two screwing around and finding out that she's still injured, I'll have your heads." He said, walking away. "Man, for such a small guy, he's pretty dark and deceiving." Jean said, whispering to Ayano. She nodded and kept walking. "Which way did she run off?" Ayano asked. "That way." Jean said, pointing in the direction that Ryker ran off in. "Oh I know where she is." Ayano said, running off. "W-wait!" Jean shouted, following Ayano. 

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