You Saved Me (Attack on titan)

Ayano and Ryker are best of friends but when they get out of training what happens in the real world?


8. Truth Or Dare!

 Ryker and Ayano woke to laughing and talking, in the middle of the night. Ryker swung her legs off the side of her bunk and looked over to see alot of people in the circle, which consisted of, Connie, Sasha, Bertholt, Eren, Reiner, Mikasa, Jean, Marco, Armin, and Annie. "What the heck guys? Curfew was an hour ago." Ryker groaned. Ayano rubbed her eyes, and looked over at the group. "And why are guys in here?" Ayano added. "We're playing truth or dare!" Sasha squealed. Ayano jumped off the bed and joined the circle. "I want to play!" She said. Ayano looked at Ryker. "Well, come on!" She said. Ryker sighed and walked to join the circle. "Okay..." Sasha started. "Eren. Truth or Dare?" She asked. "Truth." He said. "Lame.." Jean mumbled. Eren rolled his eyes. "Out of all of the girls in this room, who would you kiss?" Eren started blushing. "I- Uhm.... Ayano..." He said quietly. Mikasa stiffened and glance in Ayano's direction. Ayano's cheeks started turning deep red. "Eren, your turn." Sasha said. "Jean, truth or dare?" He asked, still pink. "Pfft. Dare." He said, cockily. (like always) Eren started smirking. "I dare you to make out with Ryker in the closet." Ryker widened her eyes and started blushing, along with Jean. "What? N-no!" He exclaimed. Eren shrugged. "It's either her, or Marco." Jean widened his eyes. "N-no, no! You don't have to do that!" Jean grabbed Ryker's arm and pulled her up on her feet. "How long?" "Seven minutes." Eren replied. Jean started to pull Ryker away and Ryker tried to protest but no one could hear her because she was drowned out by laughter, even sour Mikasa was laughing. Ryker gave Ayano a 'Help me or I'll get you' look but of course she wasn't paying attention, to busy laughing her butt off. Ryker was pushed into the closet and Jean got in awkwardly. 

- 6 minute later - 

Reiner was getting bored and got a "brilliant" idea. He got up quietly and headed towards the closet. Ayano's eyes widened, he was about to open up the door and humiliate not only Jean but also Ryker. She stood up quickly pushing Reiner out of the way but as she did she tripped over someone's shoe and toppled onto the ground making Reiner fall on top of her. Ryker and Jean walked out awkwardly, Ryker blushing madly along with Jean who had a slight smirk on his face. Ryker glanced over at Ayano and Reiner and her eyes looked as if they were about to pop out of her head. Ayano was pushing Reiner off of her and he was laughing so Ayano could see how she thought know... yeah. The room filled with, "OooOoo"s and kissy noises. Ryker walked up to Reiner slowly and patiently. Ayano knew what she was going to do and she was shaking her head rapidly but that probably just made things worse. Ryker grabbed Reiner by the back of his shirt and pulled him up off of Ayano dragging him back to the circle and grabbed hold of his shoulder pushing him forcefully so that he was now sitting. Ayano got up awkwardly, she could feel the heat in her face rise as she sat between Ryker and Eren. Ryker broke the silence quickly as she said, "Jean, it's your turn." Jean looked up and dragged his hand down his cheek. He was thinking pretty hard, "Mikasa, truth or dare?" Mikasa looked up and looked up at the ceiling, "Dare," she said after a few seconds. Jean smirked and said, "Oh really? Well let's see here. I dare you to..." he paused and his face suddenly lit up, "to fight Bertholt!" Bertholt sat up straight and his eyes widened, Mikasa raised an eyebrow and stood up. Bertholt looked at Jean and whispered, "Are you trying to get me killed?" Mikasa waited for Bertholt to stand up, everyone got out of the way as they got into fighting stances. Bertholt was the first to move, he ran fast but Mikasa was faster as she sidestepped and grabbed his shirt collar and pulled him backward making him fall to the floor coughing and gagging. Bertholt was still kinda processing everything. Marco, Armin, and Ayano rushed over to him asking him if he was okay. Mikasa, with no expression whatsoever, walked over to Bertholt and grabbed his hand pulling him to his feet and said softer then usual, "Sorry." She sounded very sincere. Everyone got into a circle again, it was Mikasas turn, "Armin, truth or dare?" She said. Armin looked up and said quietly, "Truth." Mikasa thought for a moment and said, "Are you scared more of Annie or Ryker." She said it more as a statement then a question. Ryker and Annie looked at each other and then at Armin. Armin looked at Ryker to Annie and then Annie to Ryker and said finally, "Well...I would have to go with...Ryker." Annie glanced at Ryker, even though Annie always wore the same scary face Ryker could see the hate in her eyes...was she...jealous? (A/N She be jelly bro ^^ ) Ryker smirked triumphantly. "Alright, Armin. Your turn." Ryker said. "Reiner, t-truth or dare?" He asked softly. "I'm gonna have to go with dare." He said, smirking. Eren leaned over and whispered in Armin's ear. "I dare you to kiss Bertholt...?" everyone went quiet and looked at Reiner who got up but stopped and said hesitantly, "Where?..." everyone then looked at Armin who was obviously uncomfortable. Eren leaned over and whispered something again. Armin looked down and murmured, "His lips..." everyone looked at Reiner again shocked that he was making his way towards Bertholt. He kissed on the lips quickly and sorta ran back to his spot in the circle. Ayano got comfortable again and said, "Well...that definitely escalated quickly. Reiner your turn." Designer's face was still red but he then said, "Connie, truth or dare." Connie answered rather fast, "I don't know what you guys would do to me if I said dare. So truth." Everyone laughed except for Mikasa and Annie. Reiner thought for a second, "I was kinda hoping you would say Dare but...Oh! I got it. Out of all the girls who do you like." Connie did a Facepalm and murmured something like, "Why did I have go be picked by Reiner." He sat there for a second d but then said, "Sasha." Sasha looked up from her bread and looked at Connie awkwardly Connie was about to scoot away when Sasha smiled at him and gave him a small piece of bread. Ayano nudged Ryker when she saw that Jean was staring at her for a while now. Ryker gave him a 's bay do you want' look and he looked away blushing. Ayano laughed and shook her head, Ryker was smart but sometimes she was pretty clueless. Everyone went dead silent as they heard footsteps. Reiner got up quickly, "Shit! It's Shadis!" Ayano got up and started pushing all the guys under people's bunks and said, "Stay quiet if you want to live." And gave them all death glares as she blew out candles and all the girls got back into their beds. They could all hear Shadis trying to hear if anyone was awake and was walking away when Eren started fighting with Jean underneath Ryker's bed so Ryker had to get out of bed and kick them both in the face and also had to quickly get into bed before Shadis opened up the door, "WHATS GOING ON HERE!" Everyone pretended to just wake up. With a little bit of persuasion Shadis left. Most of the guys had gotten out from underneath the beds but when Eren and Jean did the first thing they got were a bunch of death glares from everyone. Even Ayano and Krista. Ryker and Ymir pulled them out by their ears and yelled at them making everyone leave and go back to their own cabin.

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