You Saved Me (Attack on titan)

Ayano and Ryker are best of friends but when they get out of training what happens in the real world?


4. Secrets

 Ryker and Ayano both got up from sleeping. Ryker yawned and stretched, before getting dressed. Ayano got dressed and walked with Ryker, Malorie, and Haruto out to the messhall. Ryker plopped down at one of the tables and ran her fingers through her hair and sighed. Ayano, Haruto, and Malorie sat down at the same table and started eating. Ayano noticed that Ryker wasn't exactly feeling well. "Are you okay, Ryker?" She asked. Ryker looked up and shrugged. "I'm just nervous about the training for today." "Why?" Haruto asked. "Because we're going into Wall Maria." Ayano, Malorie, and Haruto all deadpanned. "What?" Malorie asked. Ryker nodded. "Well, aren't you gonna eat? You gotta eat something." Ayano pointed out. Ryker shook her head. "No. I'm not hungry." She said. 


 Ayano and Ryker are flying through the air at top speed. "You guys! Slow down!" Someone shouted. Ayano heard the voice and slowed down, but Ryker kept going. "She can't stop at that speed." Ayano said."Ryker! STOP!" Malorie shouted. Ryker turned her head towards her, as she tried turning off the gas, but it kept going, until everything seemed to become slow motion, as Ryker was swatted into a wall by a titan. Her 3DMG gear fell off her waist and plummeted down to the earth. Ryker fell, unconscious. Ayano's eyes widened. She watched Ryker race to the 3DMG gear and tried fastening it around her waist again. Ryker clicked the triggers, but noticed that her gas tanks were leaked and her grapples were bent out of shape. They both heard thundering footsteps. A titan. "Ryker!" Ayano screamed. The titan snachted up the girl and neared her towards it's mouth. Ryker squirmed under the titan's grasp, but it was no use. She was gonna die, right then and there. Nothing that anyone could do.  Ayano flew towards the titan and pulled Ryker out of the titan's grip throwing her towards the ground but her hand clasped onto the rooftop ledge, slipping on the saliva she pulled herself up. Ayano quickly took off her gear and threw it at Ryker, She scrambled to her feet to try and rescue Ayano, but it was too late. The titan already swallowed Ayano whole and stomped off. "AYANO!" She screamed. She dropped to her knees and cried, hunching over. Haruto and Malorie raced to her side. "What happened? Where's Ayano?!" Malorie and Haruto asked. Ryker didn't respond, instead balling her eyes out. She had just lost her closest friend. One nearby squad heard Ryker's crying and ran to her rescue. "What happened? Where's your squad, Tvar?" Someone asked. She was shaking violently. "They all d-d-died, sir." She stuttered out. Malorie and Haruto paled and widened their eyes. "W-what? A-Ayano's dead?" Malorie started. Ryker nodded. "I tried helping, but I didn't have enough time!" Two soldiers raced to her side and tried to comfort her. Which was Christa and Marco. "Are you okay?" Christa asked. "Did it hurt you?" Marco asked. "No, but I got flung into a wall..." She said, holding her left shoulder. Christa checked her arm. "I think it's broken, Ryker..." She said, quietly. Ryker quickly got up and started sprinting in the direction that the titan that ate Ayano went. "Wait, where are you going?!" Marco shouted after her. She didn't bother turning back, knowing what kind of monster she is.  

 Marco started after her, but his two-tone haired friend stopped him and said "I'll take care of it." He said. "But, Jean. She hardly knows you." "I don't care. I want to save her before something happens to her. I don't want her killed." He said before running of. "What does that mean?" Marco asked himself. 

 Ryker kept running, tears stinging her eyes. She didn't want people to see what kind of monster she is. Until, she felt herself changing. Then, she blacked out.

 Jean suddenly stopped. He saw more titan smoke. "Ugh, more of them." He stated, before running again. But then he heard thundering footsteps of a 20 meter titan. He quickly stopped and looked at it. But it was different. It was female, with black hair and bright blue eyes, claws protruding from the titans knuckles and fangs poking from her mouth and. It's left arm was smoking furiously. He stared in awe as it clomped down the cobblestone. He saw it stop and rip a titan's head off with it's mouth. "It must be a rouge titan." He thought. He silently followed it as it ripped and tore its way through titans. Until it reached a certain one. Then it took it's claws and ripped up the titans stomach, guts and blood flying through the air. It stopped once it saw a pink-haired female fall from the stomach of the titan. The titan slowly picked her up and sat her on a rooftop, before ripping at the titan's neck, killing it instantly. He was amazed. Then he saw Corporal Levi grapple over to the female, lying on the rooftop. He made sure she was okay, before taking her back to the squads. 

 Ryker slowly came back to consciousness as she saw smoke protrude around her. She slowly stood up and casually walked off, like no one was watching. She sighed and watched as everyone surrounded the titan carcass. "Whoa, what's that?" Reiner asked, looking up at his tall, sweaty friend. "Looks dangerous." He said. Ryker joined the group, seeing Ayano in Levi's arms. "Tvar." He said. "Sir!" She saluted. "You're lucky that she survived." Ryker was relieved, yet shocked. Did he find out about her secret? "Yes, sir. Is she okay?" She asked. Levi nodded. "Only a few minor injuries. Noting serious." He said, in his deadpanned expression. They all grouped up and rode back to the camp.

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