You Saved Me (Attack on titan)

Ayano and Ryker are best of friends but when they get out of training what happens in the real world?


1. Childhood


                                  You'll never be like one of us. You're just a beast.

  Those words replayed in her head as the local children picked and bullied on Ryker. She never knew why she was the target of everyone. She was a human just like everyone else. Or that's what she thought...

     Ryker was a young 10 year old girl with a shunned family, but supportive friends. She had long black and blonde hair and hazel eyes with flecks of blue in them. She's strong and brave. She's also a troublemaker and is constantly breaking the rules. But most of the part, it isn't her fault. Her parents blame her for the reason why no one ever talks with the Tvar' family or why she get's bullied.

                                               And then there was her.

  10 year old Ayano. Ryker's best friend. Ayano is a girl with long, blunt, pink hair and dark brown eyes. She's a bit sassy, but when she's around other people she never met, she's quiet as a mouse. She and Ryker get along like a lock and key. She'll support whenever her friends are down and blue, and she never gives up. She's confident and she stands tall against problems that she'll run into on the way. 



  Young Ayano and Ryker were walking to the nearby meadow, talking about when the Survey Corps will return. The usual topic of chatter throughout the town. "Sometimes, I swear I want to slap that one single person who talks about the Recon Corps badly. Saying that they're 'suicidal' or 'idiots'. They don't know half of the pain that they're going through." Ryker ranted. Ayano looked at her. "How would you know the pain?" She questioned. "Because I've seen what it's like outside those walls." She said, looking back at her. "They're risking their lives to save humanity, while the Military Police grow into fat pigs from the protection of Wall Sina." She continued. "Every time the Survey Corps leave the walls, 40 percent of them will be dead! They died in glory, fighting for us!" "Ryker! Shut up! You're gonna get us caught!" Ayano hissed quietly. "Who cares anymore?" She grumbled. "I would appreciate if you didn't get us into trouble, again, Ryker. I'm getting tired of getting scolded at." She said. Ryker rolled her eyes, before hearing a rustling of grass and bushes. "Told you." Ayano said. Then a little redhead popped up with a raven haired boy. "Boo!" She said. Ayano and Ryker seemed unfazed. "You didn't scare us, Malorie." Ayano said to the red-head. Haruto- the raven haired boy- rolled his eyes. "You never do." Ryker added. "Ryker, what are you doing out here?" Haruto asked. "Uh, I found this place." She said. "But how? Didn't you get locked in your room?" "My stupid parents locked me in a room with a window." She said, shaking her head slightly. Then another rustling sounded. They all froze. "Old Man Sota." Ayano whispered. "You kids get off my property!" He said, waving his shotgun in the air, before shooting a few rounds. They all ran off the property, jumping the fence, and ran back to town. 

 "Heh, that was an adrenaline rush." Malorie said. "No, Malorie. We almost got killed. I'm pretty sure that's just your 'non-fatal heart attack'." Ayano said. Malorie smiled sheepishly, and dropped her gaze to the ground. "Malorie Reed! Get over here now!" Her mother shouted. She flinched and said "Bye guys..." as she walked to her mother. "Well, we lost Malorie..." Ayano trailed off... Haruto crossed his arms over his chest. "Now what?" He demanded. "I don't know! Why don't you think of something, Mr. 'What's the plan, Ryker'?" He scoffed and rolled his eyes. "I'm going home." He said, walking away. As soon as he was out or ear shot Ryker said "Good riddance." Ayano laughed at her comment. "Nice one." She said. 

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