Blood Red

"Even as you beg for mercy, you'll still beg for me, my dear Evander." | In an alternate England, vampires roam the night. They slither in the shadows and feed in the coat of the night. Vampire prince, Cecil, is known for his cursed blood. While others are allowed the taste of humans, Cecil is forced to never drink from one again. When he turns the Earl, Evander Lovett, things change drastically for the Vampiric kind. But, when all is said and done, the only real think that matters is the forthcoming Blood Moon. *Cover done by Dystopia*


3. The Vampire's Gift | Evander


         Prologue | England, 1897
         It was a cold November night when Evander Lovette died. The vampire didn’t give him any time to fight back, he just immediately pinned him against the alley way wall and began drinking his blood. He felt his existence fleeing, his breath shortening, and his life ending as a vampire drained his blood.  It didn’t hurt like he thought it would, it was like falling asleep with his eyes open as he stared up at the midnight sky.

        Evander was peaceful, at ease with himself enough to let go. Of course, he didn’t want to die, but there was also no chance of him getting away on his own. The very thought of something beyond his life now was enough to make him vaguely accept death. If it was his time to go, then it couldn’t have been helped, right? That's what he wanted to believe, anyway.

        He felt his life slipping quickly. It had been less than a few minutes when the vampire had first started feeding off of him, and now as the night’s breeze carried the light scent of roses; he was letting his life go. As the bible said, he would be sent to Heaven in the afterlife. But, he’d never imagined himself in Heaven. It wasn’t that he thought that he’d go to Hell. He just couldn’t envision himself ever truly dying.

        That is, until now.

        At the moment, it was hard for him not to think about dying because he was dying. In such a short amount of time his life was ending. He was going to die soon at the hands of a Rouge Vampire. Things couldn’t have been more ironic since just moments before he was at a party honoring his very own family of Chasseur or, as most people like to shorten it to, Vampire Hunters.

        As Evander was barely clinging to life, he saw someone walk right past him in a red cloak. Evander’s eyebrows furrowed. Why hadn’t that person helped him? His eyes followed the person as whoever it was turned around slightly and pulled back the hood of the cloak. Glowing dark red eyes stared back at him.

        Another one, thought Evander as he looked closer at the mysterious vampire. Whoever it was, the Vampire was very beautiful. Moon-pale skin that almost shimmered in the dim light and almost white blonde hair encircled the childlike features of the Vampire. The cloak hid most of the vampire and because of that he was unable to tell if the Vampire was a boy or a girl. Never the less, if the Vampire looked so young, then it must have been turned when it was still in the early teens at the most.

        “You there,” the vampire spoke with an old English accent. The man feeding on Evander looked up, his eyes wide. “Leave if you value your life.” said the Vampire arrogantly, but with force.

        The man scurried off causing Evander to fall to the ground, weak from the blood loss. His breathing was slow and shallow as the vampire walked toward him, slowly, but not cautiously. Was that vampire going to get a taste of him too? Evander’s heart raced. Was he freed from one vampire's grasp just to end up in another’s?

        The Vampire kneeled beside Evander and put a cold hand on his cheek. The Vampire was closer now and Evander could see his face clearly. It was a young boy. Well, to his surprise, not that young. The boy looked around the age of fifteen or sixteen, only three or so years younger than himself. Well, Evander could probably guess that the Vampire was older than him in Vampire years, but not human one's.

        “There, there,” he said with a sly smile on his doll-like face. “You’re nearly dead. What a pity. I wonder, will you miss your old life?”

        Evander grimaced at the slight pain in his neck as he nodded a yes to the Vampire’s question. “Then shall I grant you the wish of immortality?” the Vampire smiled, his intentions questionable.

        He never gave Evander the chance to answer before the Vampire bit down his own wrist and shoved it into Evander’s mouth. “Drink up.”

        Evander tasted the metallic taste of metal and salt. He tried not to drink the Vampire’s blood, but it proved impossible as the blood gushed out like stream water. Then just as quickly as the blood entered his mouth, the Vampire pulled his wrist out. “Goodnight, my love.” said the Vampire right before snapping Evander’s neck. “You shall awaken soon.”




A/N: Hope you enjoy the first chapter! Please give me some feedback on it and if you want, I could do one of your stories in return. I actually spent quite a lot of time working on this story, so I hope you all like it. Anyway, thanks for reading! The next chapter will be up soon! (:



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