Pokemon Black-My Adventure

The adventure of a boy named Lenzile.- I'm going to put (starting in chapter 9) the persons name, then a : after, when they talk, like this; Lenzile:


9. Welcome to the Team, Patrat!

Lenzile: Hmmmm.....Route 2... ! My Xtransceiver!  It's ringing!

Mom: Lenzile! it's your mom! How are things? Are you and your Pokemon getting along and enjoying your jorney so far? I needed to talk to you, so I called, but I'm going to hang up the Xtransceiver now.

Mom: Lenzile?


Lenzile: MOM?!


Mom: I finally caught up with you...

And look how far you've come already!

Professor Juniper said that you were probably headed for Striaton City by now.

I have a present for you. Try these on!

They're Running Shoes! When you're wearing the running shoes, you can go anywhere in a flash! Let me read you the instructions...

Hold the B button to run faster than normal. Put on the running shoes and tear around to your heart's content!

That's what it says.

I bought these a long time ago and stashed them away somewhere. I found them when I was cleaning up. Guess it's good to clean occasionally!

Lenzile, you understand that you're never realy alone, right? You're with Pokemon, you're with friends, and you're always in my thoughts.

That's all right, then. Enjoy your trip!

I walked along route 2 and came across a girl who told me

Girl: Battles between Pokemon Trainers are serious affairs that you can't run from!

Hmmmmmm... I thought. Why's this grass here? Oh well, might as well catch some Pokemon while I'm traveling to the next city.

Lenzile: Waaaa a wild Patrat! Go, Oshawott!

Oshawott: Water Gun

Patrat: Leer

Oshawotts defense decreased!

Lenzile: Okay, Pokeball, GO!


Lenzile: Alright! I caught a Patrat!

Pokedex Data: Using food stored in cheek pouches, they can keep watch for days. They use their tails to communicate with others.

Lenzile: Wow a Potion! Just lying their on the ground!

J.R. trainer: A trainer catches another trainer's eye. That is the start of a pokemon battle!...  SO LETS BATTLE!!!

Lenzile:   -.-

J.R. trainer Jimmy sent out a patrat!


Oshawott: Tackle

Patrat: Leer

Oshawott: Water Gun

Patrat: Leer

Patrat: Bite

Oshawott: Tackle

Patrat fainted!

Oshawott grew to Lv. 9!

Okay.. more grass ahead...

New Pokemon will probably be there!

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