Pokemon Black-My Adventure

The adventure of a boy named Lenzile.- I'm going to put (starting in chapter 9) the persons name, then a : after, when they talk, like this; Lenzile:


6. The Pokemon Center

We all have two, then. Incidentally, if you check your pokedex, you'll see how many pokemon you've caught and how many pokemon you've encountered. "See you in Accumula Town!" Cheren told us.

"Hi, professor!" I told her.

"Follow me, and I'll show you the most important place for a trainer to know!" She replied. This is a pokemon center! "OK, let's start your tour!"

A pokemon center is a trainers best friend! "Here, Lenzile, give it a try." Wow, she just healed my pokemon Really quick! I thought!

"I'll show you the PC." She told us. "You can store pokemon in the PC boxes! Now, this is the pokemart. This is the place to buy useful items and sell the ones you don't need anymore! So, let's wrap this up. I've given you the basics of being a trainer! When you get to Striaton city, go and meet an inventor named Fennel. I'm sure she'll help you on your way!"

"Bye, now! See ya soon, Bianca!" I told her, as I left the pokemon center.

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