Nialls little sister

Noah Horan is Niall's little sister, only by three years though he likes to treat her much younger being the 'over protective big brother' he is. Niall and Noah used to be really close until he tried out for Xfactor and became apart of which is now the biggest boy band in the world they started to drift apart. One day out of the blue Niall calls and asked Noah if she wanted to stay with him in England over spring break. Will that one spring break change Noah's life forever ?


3. chapter 1 :)

Niall's POV:

"Great show guys!" Paul calls out as we enter the bus all sweaty and breathless, we had just finished our last concert of the tour and were heading back to England. "Nialler mate, can you please pass me a bottle of water" a tired Harry calls out, "sure thing" I reply passing it over to him and sitting down on the couch with the rest of the boys. "So is everyone excited for break?" Zayn brakes the silence, the boys mumble yes's in reply. "Brake?" I ask confused. "Didn't you hear Simons giving us a three week brake to visit our friends and families". "Oh" I reply nervous. "I'm so excited to see dani!" Liam says suddenly not tired anymore, Liam was the only one of us who had a girlfriend, he had been with Danielle for 2 years now and they were the cutest couple, perfect for each other dani was really nice to. "What's up mate ?" Asks Harry sensing something was wrong all the boys eyes were all on me ". "I'm just nervous about brake, that's all" I reply, "why?" Asked Liam I just shrug, "mate you can tell us" Louis insists. "Well it's just I haven't spoken to my family since I've left, and I don't think they'll want to see me" I ask sadness in my voice, "there your parents, of course they'll want to see you!!" Zayn say trying to encourage me. "It's not my parents I'm worried about, it's my sister". The room went silent. "We didn't know you had a sister" Louis States the obvious, "why didn't you tell us?"Harry asked, I took a deep breath "when I had to leave to go to England it was really hard saying goodbye to her, so I tried to forget her and I broke all contact I had with her" I looked around the room to see the boys sitting there with shocked expressions on their faces "and --" I continue "I know it was a bad choice and I probably hurt her a lot, but at the time I thought it was right". "There's not a day that goes by that I don't think about her and regret it". "Mate I'm sure if you told her that she'd understand" Liam said with a smile, "yeah she is your sister" Harry agrees. "Yeah I hope your right" I said still unsure. "Right so tell us about her" Louis said, "um ok she the most beautiful girl I know and her name is Noah-rose but she just gets called Noah" I answered "oh nice" Louis says, "hey Niall and Noah are you guys twins or something?" Zayn asked, "no she's three year younger, we have the same first letters of our names because of how much we look alike". "If you met her you would think we were twins though" I say with a laugh. "HEY THATS A GREAT IDEA!!" Harry yells jumping up from his seat, "jeez Harold, calm down" Louis says. "What's a great idea?". "We can meet her! She could come stay with us in the holiday home over spring break!!!" Harry says excitedly, "wow that actually a good idea!" Zayn agrees, "yeah well done Harry" Liam joins in. "I can't believe I didn't think of it"'Louis jokes. "Wow guys how do we know if she will even want to come?" I say worriedly. "Trust us, she will!" Zayn says with a wink, "so it's settled then, this mysterious little sister of Niall's 'Noah' shall be staying with is over spring brake" Liam say excitedly. Well I guess that's that then.

Noah's POV:

"Mmm!" I groan as I open my eyes and reach for my ringing phone, I have a massive hangover from the party I threw last night. "Yesss?!" I crock out, "Noah is that you dear?" My mothers voice rang, I tried to cover my 'hangover voice' " yes mum it's me" I say with a fake happy voice, "are you alright darling? Did I wake you ?" "No of course not" I say yawning. "Oh right", "I just wanted to call to say I miss you", "oh I miss you to mum" I say into the phone as I try to wake up properly. "Right well I better go and let you sleep off the hangover". "What?!" I stumble with my words, "oh honey don't play dumb with me, I know a hangover voice when I hear one" she giggles, "you're not mad?" I ask confused "oh no dear I mad alright but there is no point in dragging you back to Ireland when you're gonna be a legal adult in four months and will be able to make your own choices" she says with a sigh "oh right" I stumble not really knowing what to say. "I better go now, I love you and stay safe!". "I will and love you to, bye mum" I said as I hung up. "Who was that?" Asks a tired Luke. I look down and smile and his bed hair, "it was my mum", "oh her roiled sitting up but then held his head groaning in pain, "ow!! I'm never drinking again" he moaned I giggled a little I handed h I'm a glass of water and a tablet "oh I've heard that one before" I say with a small laugh "thanks" he said handing me back the glass "what would you do with me aye?" I say jokingly while putting the glass back "I don't know" he replied while snuggling back down into bed and closing his eyes. I looked at him he was wearing jeans but with no shirt, his big brown eyes were closed, he actually looked a lot like his twin brother jai, you wouldn't be able to tell them apart if you didn't know them, Luke and jai have slightly curly hair but jai straightens his and Luke a black lip ring on the right side of his lip and a small silver nose stud on the left side of his nose, were jai only had a piercing on his right eyebrow. At the tip of Luke's nose was a small red dot, he also had a few streaks of blonde at the front of his dark brown hair. I must have been staring awhile cause he mumbled "are you gonna cuddle or are you just gonna look at me all day?" He asked with a smirk. I just giggled and said "hmm either one is fine with me before laying back down brain him laying my head on his chest before falling back into a deep sleep.


Niall's POV:

Right here standing outside the familiar house it's Sunday night, that means the whole family will be there for dinner, I confidently walk up to the door. I'm going to do this i kept telling my self yep gonna do it now, I held my hand up to know "I can't do this" I whispered to myself I went to turn around when the voice in my head stopped me 'come on Niall James Horan! You didn't not get a taxi to the airport then get on a plane and take another taxi to come to Ireland to chicken out now knock!'. I took a deep breath, I held my hand up and knocked on the door there was a lot for noise coming from the house. Then my brother opened the door his eyes widened his smile dropped, "" Is that you ? "Hey Greg"I smiled nervously. "NIALL!!" He pulled me into a hug which I gladly returned and let out a sigh of Relief "how have you been little bro?!" He asked pulling out of the hug a huge smile plastered on his face, "before I could answer he pulled me inside, "MUM!!" He yelled "what is it dear?"she called back. "Look who's here" he say looking at me and smiling. Just them my mum walked in the room, "uh hi mum" I said with a smile she had a shocked look on her face, then she came running over to me and embraced me in a hug "my baby!! Where have you been dear you didn't call I was so worried!!" She said tears in her eyes, I didn't know what to say.... "I'm sorry mum". Oh well it doesn't matter now all, all that matters is you're home" she smiled. "Come on, come say hi to everyone" she said pulling me into the living room were I saw 'Kate' my brothers wife there six year old son 'jake' and their two year old daughter 'lizzy'. On the couch I saw my uncle Scott and my aunty Mary, I hugged and greeted them all. Then I turned to mum "where's Noah ?". "She umm lives in Australia with auntie Karen now" she answered. "WHAT?!" I snapped "Niall calm down" my brother told me, "do know what she's probably doing over there?" I asked my mum a little calmer now, "yes" she said. "YES?! Is that all you can say ?!" I was yelling again, "Niall she's almost 18 she needs to live her life and experience all it has to offer, she can't do that with you and your brother babying her all the time" she said with a calm voice. I looked over to Greg, "I wasn't ok with this either but mum does have a point" he said. "Whatever" I said with a calm voice "it doesn't matter anymore because in two weeks I'm going to fly over to Australia and stay there a week then she can come stay with me for a little while in England" I said with a calm voice, "that a great idea" my mum said with a smile, "I'm really proud of you boys you know" she said looking at me and Greg, "what for ?" Greg asked. She paused "for looking after your sister.


Yes? No? Maybe ?

Is anyone actually reading this story? If you are comment what you think! Working on next chap now so laters chipmunks xx

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