Ariel went through the most tragic loss at the age of 16. She blocked everybody out and got the worst anxiety the doctors have ever seen. But what happens when a boy called Cameron Dallas tries to break her shell? Will he shatter her into pieces or show her life isn't that bad?


1. Sad

Ariel's POV

I laid on my bed sobbing so hard. I can't believe the news I just got...I can't live like this. I was so happy this morning but it all shattered into pieces. My life is gone. It's just wasted. My boyfriend died in a car crash last night and my mom just told me. I don't know what to do. People are texting me asking if I'm ok but I don't wanna respond. I don't wanna lie to them. I'm only 16...I'm too young for this!!! Why me??? Why does my boyfriend have to die??? Why not some other girl's??? Why mine??? I screamed into my pillow. I can't take this.

3 years later

"He never loved you Ariel!!! He probably killed himself to get away from you faggot!!!" Sadie yelled to me. She's the "popular" girl at school. She was talking about Derek, my boyfriend that died. She was gaga over him. I got tears in my eyes. "You gonna say something pussy?" She said to me. I clenched my fists and turned around and started walking away. "He hates you so much!!!" She yelled. That's it. I threw my stuff down and ran to her and punched her in the face. She punched me back. My nose started to bleed really bad. My ex bestfriend pulled me back and Sadie's friend pulled her back,"HE DID LOVE ME!!!" I screamed. "HE HATED YOU!!! WE BOTH TALKED ABOUT YOU ALL THE TIME!!!! WE MADE FUN OF YOUR FUCKING UGLY FACE!!!" I added. My ex bestfriend, Kinsey, said,"Ariel, calm down it's ok." I squirmed away from her and ran out the school doors. Ok so Kinsey loves me but when Derek died I blocked everybody out. My mom, my dad, my brother, my sister, my bestfriend, my friends, and everybody. I don't wanna get close to anybody and the same thing happen as Derek. I ran home and ran upstairs and started beating myself. I can't take this. I want the pain gone.

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