Winds of Time

It is about a small town girl, in the future, her life takes a turn when she meets Sam. A tall mysterious man. But the true adventure starts when she ends up almost being killed by fae folk.


5. Will you kiss me?

A kiss from a fairy is a gift, for many don't like to kiss a human, or even a Fae folk, for when they do, they are promising them their love....

Jasmine's fingers moved through her brown hair, worry lay in her blue-green eyes. Sam looked at her with his yellow silted eyes, annoyance and anger running through them.
"You have to do something!"
"I have nothing I can do, I don't know why you brought me here! I don't even belong in the Fae world!" 
"You do Jasmine, you have been here before" the fairy, whose name Jasmine had not found out yet, said, her voice calm and quite.
"I can't belong here I don't know where here is exactly, yes I know it is the Fae world. but... how did we even get here?"  
"Well that is easy to explain, you teleported!" 
Jasmine's eyes went dull as she tried to rap her head around what the fairy was saying

'a teleport? like a small round thing that we go through? no way, they aren't real! this is probably some messed up dream!'
Jasmine's eyes sparkling slightly, she started to finger her shell necklace. It was an almost full shell, with a small tiny shard off the top. She knew no one would be her soulmate, most would think is was easy for her to find her soul mate. But with a full shell, and female, is was hard. Even though she knew it was only a shard she was looking for, no man or women she had ever met had had a small shard for a necklace. 
"That is impossible, teleports aren't real. This isn't real" She said, her blue-green eyes narrowing "Let us leave. I don't want to be here anymore. This place gives me the creeps:
"It probably gives you the creeps because it is almost nightfall. We need to get inside... before.. they come" the fairy swift flew through the trees, her light guiding them through the thick trunks. Roots seemed to be grabbed at Jasmine's ankles as she ran, tripping her with evil laughs as the wind tore through their leaves. Then the light disappeared, Jasmine felt a tug on her shirt. She was puled into... a tree? The tree was hollow and had a staircase in it going down.
"Follow me"
Whispered Sam's voice, his yellow eyes glowing in the darkness. Something flashed and Sam's eyes were gone, then the staircase opened. It opened to a small-ish room, dirt as the floor walls and ceiling. Wooden poles holding it up, Jasmine's eyes took a while to adjust to the light. Sam was gone, but the fairy and the dwarf remained. Then Jasmine finally noticed the black cat that was cleaning itself on the table, purring softly.
"Pretty cat, but where is Sam?" 
The fairy giggled, the dwarf rolled his eyes slightly then shrugged
"Must have disappeared" 
sarcasm seemed to drip from the dwarfs mouth, as if it was a real liquid. Then there was another flash, Sam was sitting on the table right where the cat had been.
"Miss me?" He laughed, smiling at her with sharp teeth.  
"you perv! I remember seeing you in my window sill! I took a shower in front of you!" 
Sam, and the rest of them, burst out laughing. Jasmine went pink in the face. 

                                                                         End of Chapter five.

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