Winds of Time

It is about a small town girl, in the future, her life takes a turn when she meets Sam. A tall mysterious man. But the true adventure starts when she ends up almost being killed by fae folk.


3. Can you lead?

Jasmine looked at him, then at her wrist. Her bracelet was still there

"Hello sir, sit wherever you like. I will bring you a menu" She said, as if she didn't know him. She grabbed a menu, he grabbed her arm. Pulling her close to him

"Jasmine, we need your help" everything changed, the diner was gone. then everything went black.

"Is she alright?" a voice broke into the darkness

"Are you sure this is her?" said someone else

"It has to be, we have no time to find someone else" Jasmine opened her eyes, looking around.  She was in a forest, bright colors everywhere. But three heads were blocking most of her view, Sam's and two others

"she is finally awake" they moved away. Jasmine sat up, looking around. She had no idea where she was, it was no where she had been before. The colors were so bright, so odd, so unnatural for normal plants Jasmine didn't believe her eyes

"w... where am I?" she asked, looking at the three people who stood in front of her. One was a very beautiful, but short, female. Her eyes greener then spring leaves. The other, not Sam, was a stout man. He had a long ginger beard, and wore a small brown hat. Sam smiled at her

"Welcome to the Fae world Jasmine... or I should say welcome back" He said, smiling. His teeth were sharp ended, like a cats. Though he looked humans, but his eyes. they had changed, their normal beautiful emerald green now gone, they were yellow with black slits in them

"Sam you are scaring the girl" Said the women, her voice light and kind. She wore barely anything, though most of it was green. She had vines on her legs and arms, and her brown hair was tangles with sticks and other plants. Then something moved behind her, something Jasmine had not seen yet 'she has wings...' They sparkled behind the fairy, her legs not touching the ground. Though they didn't flap much, but sparkles did fall. Then she realized what Sam had said

"Fae world?" she looked at him, lightly shocked

"I have never been here... I do not belong here!" she almost screamed the last part, getting to her feet. Sam grabbed her as she started to fall

"You have been asleep for a day, don't move so quickly" He said, making shhh noises as to sooth her. Though the noises sounded more like purring, his brown hair stood up on either side of his head, making him look like he had ears. Jasmine stood, glaring at them. Her shell necklace fell out from her shirt, it shine brightly

"you kidnapped me!" she screamed, her eyes shining brightly with rage. 

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