Just a kid's poem about Zacchaeus.


2. Part 2

As if from out of nowhere

The crowds seemed to appear.

Zacchaeus thought, 'Cause I'm so short

I'll never see from here.

On both sides of the street the crowds

Pushed on to get ahead.

Zacchaeus looked around and thought,

I'll climb a tree instead.

That's when he saw a sycamore

And climbed up high to see

This man who was called Jesus,

Who had come from Galilee.

Then Jesus stopped beneath the tree.

Zacchaeus heard him say,

"Zacchaeus! Come on down from there.

I'll dine with you today."

Zacchaeus really was surprised.

"How did he know my name?

And could this Jesus and God's son

Really be the same?"

He rushed and scrambled down the tree,

Pushed through to Jesus' side.

"I ne'er imagined You my guest;

I welcome You with pride!"

The crowd around was very shocked

That Jesus went with him.

They thought that Jesus shouldn't visit

One so filled with sin.

Zacchaeus had a change of mind;

Repentance filled his heart.

He promised Jesus he would from

His evil ways depart.

"From now on I will cheat no more

Or take what isn't mine.

And where I've cheated in the past

I'll pay them back 4 times."

With joy the Savior said to him,

"Salvation's come today,

For you were lost but you I found

And saved your soul this day.

For that is why I've come to Earth

To search for men like you

That sinners all around the world

Might have salvation too."

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