Just a kid's poem about Zacchaeus.


1. Part 1

In a town called Jericho

Zacchaeus used to live.

He was a very wealthy man

Who'd rather get than give.

His job? Collecting taxes

For Roman rulers there.

He'd often cheat, demanding more

Than what was his fair share.

Because of this he was disliked

By folks in Jericho.

Zacchaeus didn't seem to mind;

He loved his money so.

So every day he'd go about

The duties of the day--

Collecting more than what was due

And forcing folks to pay.

Zacchaeus was a learned man

Who kept up with the news.

He'd heard of Jesus Christ before

As had most other Jews.

He often wished that he could meet

This man who some called Lord,

But he was so busy gaining wealth

He couldn't the time afford.

But one bright day in Jericho

Was such a lovely day

Zacchaeus thought, "I'll go collect

Past due accounts today."

So off he went on down the street--

He did feel very good

Just thinking of the tax he'd get,

Of course more than he should.

His first stop was a widow's house.

Her income was quite small.

She had a goat whose milk she'd sell;

That wasn't much at all.

Although her income was so small

It always seemed to be

Enough to barely pay her bills

And feed her family.

Zacchaeus finally arrived

At her front door and knocked,

And when the widow opened it

She was a little shocked.

He told her how much tax she owed

And said, "You have to pay

Because your tax is overdue.

You'll have to pay today."

Zacchaeus knew how poor she was.

Her income was so slight.

He didn't care how hard it was.

He wanted every mite.

She hung her head and in despair

She pleaded for more time.

Zacchaeus, hardened as he was,

Said, "No, I want what's mine."

She then explained as best she could

How little she possessed,

But that she'd give him what she had

And in time pay the rest.

Zacchaeus said, "Not good enough.

I cannot be so lax.

You own a goat that you can sell

And quickly pay the tax."

"Good sir," she pleaded on her knees,

"My goat I cannot sell

For it's my only livelihood.

I'd lose my house as well."

Zacchaeus just would not be swayed.

"This tax you have to pay.

I'll be back here tomorrow

For the full amount. Good day!"

So off he went and checked his list

For the next account past due.

Then suddenly he heard a shout

That Christ was coming through.

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