midnight memories


2. he's my best friend


"well..." we said together "well what" "she said "he's my best friend" i said "OHHHHH" they all said "tell us the story" kate said "ok i said it all began back in pre-k i was at that pre-k for more than 2 weeks then zayn showed up and he was a very shy kid never talked to anyone but one day i left my snack at home and zayn walked up to me and shared his which was really nice of him to do that but i told he didn't have to but he insisted that i share with him so i did and from that point on we became friends" i said looking down smiling "yea she became my best friend" zayn said smiling at me "wow i didn't know you knew him why didn't you tell me"? said a very amazed Ashley "well i didn't think he would come back for me you know after the x factor and stuff so i didn't mention it" just when zayn was just about to say something to me girls started rushing over to them asking for their autographs and pictures with them this happens all the time Kate said "really"? me and Ashley said soon the boys walked over to us "sorry about that" they said  "it's ok" we said "come on let's start on the project" Ashley said ok we said "ok our play is just like Cinderella so this should be easy" Kate said "how about we start on the part were the princess has to kiss the prince" harry said with a evil grin looking at me and zayn "uhhh... maybe we should start from the beginning" i said embrassed "ok i'm fine with that" liam said smiling and with that we began to read the script _______________________________________

authors note

i'm just gonna skip to the script part because everyone knows how the Cinderella story goes  


"ok that's it that was pretty easy" a very excited Ashley said "yea.." i said still thinking about that kissing part in the play kiss zayn? i mean yea i like him but i don't know if he feels the same then what if i mess up or something happens i'm so scare of that if we kiss and i tell him how i feel it will all be over omg this is so hard i wish i was ashley or kate they can decied just like that and i can't do that i have to stop this kiss from ever happening







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