Where'd You Go? ||L.H.||//PERMANENT HIATUS//

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Where'd you go? Why'd you leave me?
||Copyright © 2014 Amy S. All rights reserved ||


4. Chapter Three

Not About Angels





year and a half before
Why did she leave? We had all the time in the world. And she gave our love up. 
Why would she leave so suddenly? May be I was right when I first saw her.
She was an angel. And they always disappear as fast as they appear. But what she did to me. My heart. My mind. My soul. She made me feel so... alive, special. Why did she give me up? Every, why did you do this?
Our love was forbidden. Her mother would not approve of her hanging out with me. But I loved her. My mum thought she would fix me to her liking and then leave. Because she got bored. Maybe she was right. But, How could she let it go so quickly?
It's not even about her anymore. I knew deep down we weren't meant to last. I said I didn't want her to give me up and she didn't. In fact, she stole just about everything from me. Now all I want for her to do is give me up. So I can have my piece of mind back. My happiness. Security. Confidence. She gave it to me and took it away. 

I pull myself out of my thoughts and drag myself from the living room to my bed. I pull the covers over me as the tears rain down and the sobs come out.
Hey! If you're wondering why Not About Angels is at the top of the chapter, it's because this chapter is based off the song. 
- Amy

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