Where'd You Go? ||L.H.||//PERMANENT HIATUS//

||***********************************ON HOLD**************************************||
Where'd you go? Why'd you leave me?
||Copyright © 2014 Amy S. All rights reserved ||


5. Chapter Four (Contains content that has to do with self harm)

Emery Stokton. 
The prettiest girl I know.
 I smartest girl I see. 
But look at all she took from me.

Dammit. I actually tried to make this a happy one. 
I stare at the paper as I try to think of something happy. Anything.

A silver blade
Sharp edges, powered by rage
Cuts across, with no pain
Where it bleeds,
I do not strain. 

As the ooze
Starts to fade
Another is made
Soon, I cave
Into the dark
Welcoming the embrace

Well, God damn. I can't come up with anything happy. 
Well, I did. But not the kind of happy I need. 
I look down and stare at my scared wrist. 
I trace over the scars, remembering each story along with it. 
I reach my first. It all floods back like a broken memory. Lost in time.

Yay, cliff hangers. *laughs* sorry.....
- Amy 

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