Love is in Bloom

A 15 year old finds true love at her school.


7. Our prank

 Hi!  I hear Carson say.  I smirk.  I take out  a pan, and throw the cut up vegetables in it.  I stick the pan on the stove, and turn it on.  I then grab some bread, and put it on a stone tray.  I sprinkle garlic, and cheese on it.  I throw it in to the oven and turn it on.  Then I grab lettuce, tomatoes, carrots, cheese, and dressing, and throw a large salad together.  I hear Carson say: Its great to have you clare​.  I smirk.  He starts up a conversation.  You know it's great to have you.  He says.  I hear Clare say.  Thank you, you look rather dashing in that particular tux.  She says.  I roll my eyes.  Well, you look rather pretty in that particular purple dress.  I crack open the door, and look through, while the food cooks.  Carson did look very dashing, in that tux.  Clare smoothed down her dress up in her chest.  So Carson this fabulous dinner was your idea?  She asked.    Yes it was, this is well, a date.  He said calmly.  Clare's eyes brightened.  I smirked.  Then I remembered.  The food!  I ran over to the stove, and started stirring the vegetables.  They were nice and soft.  I turned off the stove, and scraped the vegetables into A big fancy bowl.  Then I put some hot pockets on my hands, and pulled out the bread.  Nice and cheesy, and toasty.   Everything was ready.  I slammed my foot on the ground as hard as I could, and Carson squeezed his way into the kitchen.  He first took the salad, and then the bread, and then the vegetables.   Ohhhhh yummy.  I heard Clare say.  





While they were eating I started to make the dessert.  Ice cream Sundays.   I got to clear high bowls, then got vanilla ice cream, then poured chocolate Syrup all over the ice cream, then I sprinkled chocolate chips, and sprinkles.  And finally two cherries.  I was finished.  When they were done with dinner,  Carson brought in the food, and I gave him the dessert.  They had a lot of left overs, so I snacked on some.  I cracked the door and peered through.   They were done with his dessert. Clare was staring at Carson.  She got up and walked over to him.  She sat on his lap,  and puckered her lips.  No!I thought.  I slam open the kitchen door, and run out into the dining room.  Clare looked up.  You!   She yelled.  I puffed up my chest.  I was breathing hard.  This wasn't part of the plan! I thought.  Clare, please, listen.......I start to say.  But she gets up.  Carson grabs her and holds her put.  Clare I never mean to hurt your feelings.  Carson doesn't like me, he was just doing that because he was a bully then.  And then you got mad, and I found a new best friend.  Him.  Clare sighed.  I'm sorry too.  She whispered.   Tears burst out of my eyes.  Carson let go of her, and we hugged.   Well I got to leave. Clare says.  My mom is expecting me.  I smile.  Bye.  She walks out the door.  I stood there in my boots.  Not knowing what to do.  Finally Carson gets up, and walks over to me.  Well might as well.  He gestures toward the table.  I sigh.  Ok.  He pulls out my chair, and I sit down.  He goes into the kitchen, And brings out the left overs.  I smile.  He also gets me a new plate.  When he sits down as well, we start dishing up food.  I was starving.  



We finished our food, and had dessert.  When we finished that we both just stared at each other.  I smile.  He beckons me over.  I walk over to him.  He pulls me onto his lap.  My mind was racing.  He leans in, and I did as well.  Not thinking at all.  Hi lips brushed against mine, and we stayed like that for a very long time.



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