Love is in Bloom

A 15 year old finds true love at her school.


5. My new best friend

 I walk onto the bus, and sit in used to be, me and Clare's seat.  I sit by the window, gazing out to the laughing teenagers.  I sigh.  Suddenly someone slides into my seat.  I turn and see it's Carson.  What?  I ask.  My Friends are jerks.  He said.  Ah you've noticed.  Took you long enough.  Carson lightly hit me.  I lightly hit him back.  We laugh, as we had a kitty fight, together.  I see Clare at the corner of my eye.  She has a mad expression on her face.  You know what, she's  jerk.  I think.  We soon arrive at my bus stop.  See you.  Said Carson, as I start to slide out of my seat.  See you. I say back.  As I walk off The bus with Justin, I think of having a new best friend.  Carson was my new best friend.  But I'll have to see his reply.  




Let's go!  Yells Justin.  I run down the stairs with my backpack, and run out the door.  Justin follows me, as we race to the bus stop.  We wait there for only a couple of seconds, before the bus came.  Just as I was about to get on the bus, Clare steps out of a nearby Bush, and cuts in front of me to get in.  I sigh.  I get into the seat with Carson.  Hey Carson, um I was wondering if you would like to be my best friend.  I say.  Carson happily nods.  I laugh, and he laughs too.  



Carson what is that?  I ask him at lunch, pointing at food that was on his tray.  I pack lunch so I don't know.  I say to him.  He smilies.  It's basically pizza, rolled up.  He says.  I nod.  Suddenly there's a boy scream.  I turn to try and find the noise.  Carson turns my head for me, and I see my brother, getting beat up by Carson's old friends.  JUSTIN!  I scream.  I run to the crowd of students and push my way through.  As I near him, one of them pushes me back.  Carson catches me, just in a Nick of time.  I try and fight them, but Carson holds me back.  I break free and manage to at least touch Justin's face, before two of the boys grab my arms and hold me back.  NO STOP JUSTIN!  I scream.  They hold my arms, as I see Justin getting punched in the stomach, and slapped in the face.  Carson fights the two boys holding me, and grabs me.  Carson no Justin.  I whisper.  It's ok, he'll be ok.  He whispers back.  I shake me head, trying to break free from Carson's grasp.  PLEASE STOP NO STOP JUSTIN!!!!!!!   I scream so loud.  The cafeteria doors slam open and principal Bouck comes bursting in.  STOP! He yells.  The boys stop, and Justin falls to the floor.  I break free from Carson's grasp, and run to my brother.  I lean down, and see his eyes closed.  WHATS WRONG WITH YOU!?  I tell at the boys.  Mr. Bouck pushed through the crowd, and sees the bloody hands of the boys, and the bloody body of my brother.  He leans down, like me, and flips out his phone.  Yes hello hi Catherine will you bring your portable bed to the cafeteria?  He asks.  Yes thank you bye.  He put his phone back into his pocket, and looks down at Justin.  Paige I know you want to stay with him but I'm afraid he'll have to rest.   Tears stream down my face.  Ok.  I say. The nurse comes in with her portable bed, and she looks at Justin.  Poor boy.  She says, as Mr. Bouck and her lift him onto the bed.  Carson grabs my hand and pulls me back.  Justin. I whisper.  




Get in honey.  My mom tells me.  I was going home again early with Justin this time.  He had bandages on him.  I hug him and cry at the same time.  What happened to my older brother?  I say.  Justin smilies, and closed his eyes to sleep.

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