Love is in Bloom

A 15 year old finds true love at her school.


4. Clare's attitude

 All I heard was the clinging of forks on the plates.  We were eating dinner, pasta.  My dad wasn't home yet, but the rest if my family was.  Lilly broke the silence.   Mom can I have more?   She asked.  Oh honey we have to save some for dad, and besides your stomach is still very little.  Lilly rolled her eyes.  Fine.  She muttered.  I got up to clear my place, but Justin grabbed my plate.  Allow me.  He said.  He took my plate passed Lilly, while she held out her plate waiting for him to take hers.  But he didn't.  I went upstairs, and into my room.  I shut the door, and sat on my bed.  Today was such a long day.  I looked at my clock.  9:30.  Man we have dinner late.  I switched on my alarm, to be on the ball, and just paid there.  Soon I drifted off to sleep.  



* BEEP* * BEEP* *BEEP*   My alarm went off.  I turned it off, and sat up.  I had slept in my clothes from yesterday.  I got up and went over to my closet.  I grabbed a lime green lone sleeve shirt, and some jeans, and put them on.  I heard Justin's alarm go off.  I went over to my bathroom, and grabbed my brush.  I brushed my hair, and the put a Bobby pin in it.  I took out my make up, and started to put some on. When I was done, I went down stairs, and saw some pancakes and the table.  I grabbed some put some syrup on them, and ate them.  After that I brushed my teeth, and grabbed my backpack, and waited for Justin to come downstairs.  10 till the bus came, he came downstairs carrying roses.  He you go sis.  He handed me the roses.  Justin!  I said.  You don't have to act all nice to me now!  I said.  Justin just shoved the roses in my hands, and I placed them on the table.  Pancakes?  I asked him.  Nah we're gonna be late.  I nodded and we headed out the door.  We walked up the street to the bus stop, and waited.  Clare joined us 5 till.  Hey Clare!  I said.  She nodded and rolled her eyes.  I stopped.  Clare never acts like this?  I thought.  The bus drove up, and we piled in.  I sat in me and Clare's seat, but she didn't.  She went to go sit with Andy, who had her feet on the seat.  I gasped.  What is up with Clare.  Justin came to sit with me.  What is up with Clare?!  I whispered.  Justin shrugged.  If you ask me, I looks like she is in a bad mood.  Then why is she acting like she hates me?!  I asked.  Justin shrugged.  I sighed.  



The bus drove up to the school, and we got off.  I ran over to Clare and tapped her on the shoulder.  She turned around.  Oh it's you.  Then she turned to Andy and started talking to her.  I tapped her again.  What?! She asked.  Why do you hate me?  I asked.  Let's just say, your stealing him.  Him?  Who?  I ask.   Carson of course!  Finished Andy.  What?!  Why?!  Obviously you two have a relationship.  Said Andy.  What I hate him!  I yelled.  Likely story.  Said Andy.  Shut up!  I yelled at her.  Clare I hate him!   Clare stopped and turned around.  You might hate him, but he loves you.  She said.  And she continued walking.  What?!  He said he hates me!  Did you see what he did yesterday?!   Yeah he did that because he likes you.  Whenever a guy acts like he hates you he really likes you.  She said.  I've heard that and thats not true!  Clare rolled her eyes.  He's making excuses to kiss you!  She yelled.  I stopped.  Tears were rolling down me cheeks.  I turned and ran.  I suddenly bumped into someone.  I'm sorry- it was Carson.  I tried to run, but he held me still.  Paige, I just want to apologize from yesterday.  He said.  Will you forgive me.  Yes.  I said, tears were rolling down my face even more.  But if you would please excuse me-  what's wrong?  He asked.  Nothing, please.  He let me go, and I ran over to the girls bathroom.  I ran into a stall, and locked the door.  Tears were streaming down my face.  Why.  I whispered.  Why?   



9:30, I was sitting in class, face red from crying.  Our first class was Spanish, and Mr. Sanchez was back.  During class Carson would keep on looking at me, seeing if I was ok.  But I wasn't.  I had just lost my best friend. 

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