Love is in Bloom

A 15 year old finds true love at her school.


2. Carson's Prank

 Paige it was just a dare get over it please!   Said Clare.  We were in the cafeteria eating lunch.  I was eating a sandwich, while listening to Clare.  Clare, I know it was a dare and I'm over it, but all I'm saying is Carson is a jerk!   Clare sighed.  Suddenly Justin walked by.  Heard you have a boyfriend........DO NOT STUPID!  I yelled.  Justin stopped.  This calls for a spanking.  He replied.  I gritted my teeth.  Catch me if you can.  I jumped up, and sprinted around the cafeteria.  Justin was running after me taking heavy breaths.  Everyone looked up, and was cheering for either me or Justin.  I ran past our table again, while giving some high five to Clare while passing by.  I passed by Carson's table, and was grabbed back.  I turned and saw one of Carson's friends holding me.  Get off!  I yelled.  But he held me hostage, waiting for Justin to come round.  I tried to break free, but he was too strong.  I looked at Carson who was staring at me a smirk on his face.  Plan succeed.  He muttered to his friend.  You!   This was your plan?   I yelled.  Sure was hot shot.  A payback from Spanish class.  Payback?!  I yelled.  You kissed me!   Justin had arrived.  No!  I yelled.  Carson's friend held my hands and arms back while Justin neared me.  Carson's friend thrust me up to stand, and I stood.  What to do what to do? I thought.  I thought struck my mind.  As Justin was right in front of me, I thrust out my leg, and kicked him in the stomach.  Justin, was knocked back on to the ground.  I kicked backwards and kicked Carson's friend back.  I was free!  Many of Carson's friends were coming at me now.  I dodged them, and kicked, and punched.  Soon all of Carson's friends were on the floor, and Carson was the only one.  Ah see you like to fight.  He said.  Come at me, see what happens.  My Friends snickered.  Carson ran at me, and I thrust out my leg.  He took my leg and pushed it down.  The force knocked me down on the ground.  Carson grabbed me.  I swinged my legs but nothing happened.  Get off jerk!  I yelled.  You hate kisses don't you?  He whispered in my ear.  Yes I do, I dont like kisses,now get off!   He whistled, and his friends got up.  They ran at me.  No!  The first friend kissed me on the cheek.  I shook my head.  Get off!  Soon all his friends were giving me kisses on the cheek.  Finally one of his friends traded off, and grabbed my hands, and arms, still.  Carson crashed his lips on mine.  I shook my head trying to get him off.  No use.  He held it there for a least a minute.  And then he broke apart.  His friend dropped me, and I fell.  Nothing happened.  Sweet heart.  Said Carson in a harsh voice.  Everyone resumed back to eating.  Clare rushed over to me a foot away she was, but then Carson knocked her back.  No one's trying to help Paige!  He yelled.  So I sat there on the ground by Carson's table.  I couldn't move, cause Justin was holding me down.  Why would you do this.  I whispered to him.  He offered me 30 bucks.  Couldn't pass that up.  I rolled me eyes.  I'll give you 50 bucks if you help me escape!  I whispered.  Justin thought.  Deal.  He whispered.  He let me go, and I motioned for Clare to come over.  She sat in the exact same place I did, and Justin got up.  He started to distract the boys at the table.  Hey do your job!  Yelled Carson.  Oh she's not going anywhere.  All the could see was a pair of feet.  That weren't mine.  I sneaked out of the cafeteria in to the Hall. I went to my locker, and stood there.  Suddenly the principal Mr. Bouck came right into the Hall by me.  Oh why hello Ms. Paige.  I breathed heavily.  Come on let's go to my office.  I followed him to his office.  This can't be good.

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