You and I


2. New Crush

I walk into my next class and find my desk. I sit down and pull out a book. I always like to get to class 10 minutes early.

When I look up I see a kid walk in. He had blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes." Is this Mrs. Todd's room?" He asks

I couldn't help but stare for a second, then I realized he was talking to me "Oh, um yah." I nervously look away.

I've never had a crush before but I'm guessing it feels like your about to vomit.

"Thanks, I'm Niall Horan. "

He smiles at me and I smile back.

"Oh I'm Alicia Lopez." I blush, he looks at my book

"Oh I've never heard of that book before." He study's the cover. "Seriously, who hasn't heard of the "Fault in our Stars"?! Are you from Mars ?" I say a tiny bit to loud, ok very loudly. But I was offended, it's my absolute favorite book of all time!

"You know I was joking right? I love that book too." He blushes

The next few minutes were awkward , he wouldn't stop staring at me. It was kind of creepy.

The door opens again and in comes none other than the queen bee herself, Eliza.

"Hello, Ally." She sneers then she looks at Niall. "Hello, hottie." She says twirling her hair. God I hate when she does that.

She then looks at my book and grabs it . "Ooh "The fault in Our Stars"! I love this book!" She squeals. I know she was Lying because she hates reading. Then she drops the book, loosing my page. "Oops! I lost your page! Sorry girlfriend !" She says faking the apology I could have punched her but I'm a better person than her so I kept my cool.

"It's fine Eliza, I wasn't interested in it anyway." I lie through my teeth

The bell rings and Eliza and Niall run to their seats. For the rest of the class I could feel two pairs of eyes on me, I knew exactly who's eyes.

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