You and I


3. lunch

Alicia's POV

Me and my BFFs all head to our usual lunch table from last year and sit down. Oh I forgot my besties are Erica McDonald, Liam Payne, Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson, and Harry styles.

"Hey guys I was offered to eat at the pops table , is that fine with you Mates?" Harry asked with a puppy dog face.

"Oh alright, what's the harm?" Liam says look up from his pudding."Thank you LiLi!" Harry says that in a squeaky voice copying me.

I hit Harry and he runs off. I look over at the pops and I spot Niall talking to Eliza. They were laughing at something, I was a little jealous and heart broken but so what.

"So I heard the theme park outside of town is reopening , so I thought we should go for our friend- aniversary in three months." I say pulling up the flyer on my phone.

"I think that's a splendid idea, Ally." Zayn smiles with his charming smile. It gets every girl I know every time, except me. I'm used to it.

I can't stop looking over at the pops table. It's making me nervous with Harry over there. He is easy to temptation and if those girls are smart enough , they know how to get him on their side.

Geez calm down Alicia! It's for one hour. He can't leave that fast. I say to my self, I trust Harry but I still worry. Eliza's a mastermind at flirting.

"Earth to Ally!" Louis yells in my ear breaking my thought

"What, Commander Tommo?!" I yell in his ear. Trust me I've learned how to deal with that troublemaker more than anyone.

I look at Eliza and glare, she smirks and glares back. She does the your dead sign and turns to Niall. His eyes open and he looks at me. I look back to Louis who witnessed the whole glaring thing.

"Dude, she really hates you." Louis says looking at Eliza. She smiles and waves at Louis . He frowns in return. Eliza glares at him and whispers something into Nialls ear. He looks at me and Louis in disgust. Then Eliza turns to Harry and talks to him

He knows everything about me and louis so he can't be lied to. But he nods in agreement to what Eliza says.

"That little devil!" Louis exclaims in disgust.

Eliza, the fakes, Harry , and Niall all get up and walk to the door.

Me and the others watch them disappear. I hate Eliza!

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