You and I


8. hate

Alicia's POV

It's been a whole month and a half since that night I confronted Harry . I continuously invite him to talk and he blows me off.

That's not even the worst part. Eliza started rumors about me.

People ignore me a lot now. The only people who don't believe her are the kids that have known me since preschool, which is half the school, and my friends .

They stick up for me, especially Louis. He treats my like I was one of his little sisters. It gets annoying sometimes.

I walk to my next class. Looking around for anyone who wants to start something.

I finally reach the classroom. Safe.

I sit down and pull out my new book, The Giver.

I read for a bit until the door bursts open. Niall and Eliza.

They glare at me, I sigh. Can't prevent it .

"Look what the cat dragged in then puked up." Eliza sneers.

I pull the book closer to my face. I avoid eye contact and continue on.

"Awww. Scaredy Cat!" She pushes.

I slam the book down on my desk, hard.

I glare as I stand up. I'm bigger than Eliza , she backs up a bit.

If I wanted to , I could cause a serious injury to her. She knows that too.

"What you gonna do, brat?" She scoffs at me

Niall steps in and sizes me up.

"Scurry along, shrimp. Before I crush you." He growl at me

I don't move. I flip him off.

He punches me.

I fall to the ground and everything turns black.

I hear the door open and hear Zayn and Louis.

"Ally!" I hear Louis cry.

That's the last thing I heard before I knock out completely .

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