A sisters Promise

The battle of Hogwarts has ended and the dark lord has fallen. Narcissa Malfoy and Rodophus Lestrange had lost someone very important to the both of them in the battle. They set out to find a pendant, more powerful then the deathly hallows stone, that can bring her back. But will they be able to overcome the challenges that await them?


1. the forest

The air was cold, and the setting sun made the sky look as if it was on fire. The forest was calm with the only sounds being the singing of the small red birds that flew in the trees above us. I sat down on a tree stump and stared at Rodolphus. His hair was blowing in the wind, and his dark eyes glowing. "find anything?" I asked as he walked toward to me. "no. not a thing". he replied. During the battle of Hogwarts, before the dark lord fell, he had lost his wife Bellatrix Lestrange. We had been searching for a pendant, with magic stronger then the deathly hallows stone, a pendant that could bring her back. Most people don't believe it exists, but I know i does. I just know. Rodolphus fell to the ground in frustration. "we are never going to find it! this is pointless! we might as well just give up." he cried. 'NO!!' "we are NOT giving up." I screamed. "Narcissa, he said, we have been searching for weeks and have not found a signal thing". I didn't care if we had to search everyday for the next 100 years. I wouldn't stop until we found it. Until we had Bellatrix back. Until I had my sister back. Understanding how i felt, Rodolphus calmed down and helped set up camp. We needed a plan if we were ever going to find the pendant. With that we agreed that the next morning, we would start to try to find the man who told us about the pendant. the only problem was we had talked to him about 3 weeks ago. And had no idea who he was. It had grown late. and we both decided it was best to head to bed, for tomorrow would be a hard and long day.

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