Nightmares n.h

A night mare awaits every night.


1. Chapter one

Chapter one


"Help me, anyone help me." The poor girl cried, trying to shove open a window to escape from the horror.

She cries for help once more before a male raspy voice yells out "kassidy", she hides from the buff figure standing between the door. As he awaits for her reply nothing comes from her mouth, he pulls a knife out of his pocket before he starts searching for the girl.

"Please help me." She whispers before everything goes black.

My eyes rapidly open to the darkness of the room, I am breathless from all the panting that was happening. I wipe the sweat from my forehead and look over at the clock that lays on my bed stand. 3:00 a.m.

My feet fly off the bed along with me as I walk to the kitchen for some water. Once I poured myself a glass of water I took sips from the cup and placed it into the sink and headed back to my room.

I layer in bed rolling over on my sides trying not to think of the nightmares I've been having. It was constant, the nightmares aren't normal nightmares though. I feel as if I have to find that girl.

Well I better keep sleeping if I want to know more.

Once I found it was useless going back to sleep I got up to get ready for the day. The clock on my bed stand now read 10:30 a.m I groaned before getting up. I made my bed and saunter to the bathroom, the cold water splashed my face waking me up more. I brushed my hair and applied gel to it and styled my hair into a quiff. I brushed my teeth shooting the mirror a smile to make sure my teeth were white.

As I walked downstairs to the kitchen I turned the t.v on and went to the kitchen to make breakfast. Once I ate I jogged to my closet to get out my clothing.

I wore a pair of blue jeans and grey t shirt, I rolled the sleeves up a bit and searched for my black supras.

I decided to just drive around London, I turned the engine of my car on once I left my home and drove off.

The sky was grey as usual, people walking on the streets admiring the view of places. Taking pictures happily with their family or friends. I park my car in a parking lot closest to the shops and walk down the street.

I inhale the smell of burgers coming from a restaurant across from me. Checking the time on my phone to see it was already afternoon. My stomach started to rumble so I headed to the restaurant called Angus Steakhouse. The waiter traced me to a table by the windows, I thanked her and sat giving her my order.

I was interrupted of my thoughts by a ring coming from my pocket.

The caller I.D read Harry.

"Niall where are you?" He hushes the voices of Liam and Louis talking in the background.

"I'm in London, I thought I'd take a drive." Once my drink and food was served to me I began to eat.

"We'll once you're done come to my flat. Hurry up." With that he ended the call.

I finished my steak and drink leaving the amount due on the table. I sauntered back to my car and drive to Harry's. He sounded awkwardly strange on the phone. Once I made it to his flat, Liam, Louis, and Zayn's cars were parked out front.

As I rang the doorbell harry busted out greeting me as I entered. I did the same to him and the boys before sitting down on the couch.

They stare at me as I take out my phone and scroll through my twitter.

"Niall why are you acting different?" Louis breaks the awkward silence first.

"Like what?" Now they think something's going on. Do they know about my nightmares? Well of course not.

"Is there something you want to tell us?" Harry points at the four of them.

"No" I lied.

"Niall stop lying." Harry groaned, I looked around the room. I should just tell them. It was the third time this week I have gotten these nightmares.

"I've been having nightmares. But they aren't just any nightmares it's like I'm suppose find the girl." I give in, they just laugh. What was so funny?

"What girl?" Louis says between breaths.

"Why? Aren't you gonna laugh again?" I scoff standing up to leave.

"No we won't just tell us." He promises and I sit back down getting ready to tell them all about my nightmares.

"Well this has been going on for a few days now, I've been getting nightmares of this girl names kassidy. She's trapped in a room and she's been murdered, I keep having the same dreams over and over again. I need to help her." They just look at each other waiting for someone to speak up.

"Niall you're crazy." Zayn finally speaks.

They all nod in agreement to his statement.

"No I'm not, you guys really think I'm crazy?" I say defending myself.

"Niall if this keeps going we suggest you go to therapy." My eyes widen at his words.

Therapy? They really do think I'm crazy. It's not my fault I'm having nightmares?

"No I am not going to therapy, and no I'm not crazy!" I stand up walking out of Harry's flat.

I shut the door loudly before walking to my car.

Crazy. They think I'm crazy.

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