A disease infected billions. No one knew how or where it started. One girl, her adventure with five other lads. Can they do the impossible? Survive...Zombie Land.


1. •Prologue•



5 boys...


When people start becoming sick, no one worries right? I mean it's flu season so who wouldn't be getting sick? 

But what if they start becoming, violent, cold, they're eyes turn glassy and unseeing. When they start biting the people they once loved?


What if one day, you see someone that's sick, get up, and walk to someone and just bite them? Then have them scream in pain? 

What if your own mother who's one of the 'sick', along with your father tells you to leave. 


Tells you to leave at that moment, as everyone starts freaking out. 


What else could you do? As you witnessed your own mother being attacked? 


And you leave....without a second thought. 


At least you're one of the lucky ones that aren't infected right? Or haven't been infected right? 




What happens when hours later, you find yourself walking around and happen to glance at a TV in a broken in gas station. 


When you see all the mess that has happened in less than 5 hours. When the breaking in news report is headlined with "Zombies," and the only scared, freaked out woman says "Zombies a myth have just become true, no one knows why, no one knows how, but be safe, protect yourself, and God bless you," and just as it starts going off she screams and takes out a gun and points it at the camera, and then all you see is static? 


When you stop and look around, at the silent streets and just barely hear the screams from the hospital that you left just a bit ago. 


And it finally dawns on you...Zombies are real, and they'll kill you, no not kill exactly death would be so much better, but turn you. 


And all you do is run, and run, where are you running to? 


Just one thing is on your mind "Survive," not knowing how long you'll last all alone in a zombie infected world. Not willing to trust anyone, I mean come on in a world where every minute that you waste could be your last...who are you willing to trust? 


But what happens when along the way you just happen to stumble upon 5 boys? When all of a sudden you find yourself falling for one of them? But is will time allow it? 


In a place where you don't know how long you will live, when you don't even know if you'll just live until the morning, is this the right time to fall in love? Running from zombies?




Boys, Love, Zombies, & Death


What could possibly go wrong?




FOR THE FINISHED FANFICTION GO : http://www.wattpad.com/story/1816388-zombie-land-1d-louis-fanfic 





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