18 Years (Ashton Irwin FanFic)

What would you do if you learned you mother was lying to you for the past 18 years and is really the one who abducted you?

*This is the original story written by me on another site*


6. Tour?

Luke's POV-

"How is she sleeping through our yelling and him banging on drums?" Cal asks shocked.

"She said she was really sleepy and I dragged her here to meet you all." I say shrugging. I join in on the next game of FIFA as Ash just stops playing on the drum pad.

"Guys is she alive?" Ash asks looking down at Lily as she fell into his lap.  We laugh and nod our head.

"I guess we should take her home." I say standing up after the game has ended. I pick her up and take her to the car.

"We will meet her in the morning. Remember we have to finish a tour." Mikey says before I get in the car. I nod my head and drive off. This girl can sleep through a tornado and she wouldn't even know.

"Good Morning!" Lily cheers, walking into the kitchen. Mom laughs and gives her a plate of food. She actually eats the Vegemite spread on toast.

"The boys will be here soon." I tell her. She nods her head as she bites into a piece of bacon. As soon as I get that out my mouth a knock comes on the door.

"Mama Liz we are here." Cal shouts walking in.

"If you bite that you will die!" I hear lily shout. I look and see Ash biting a piece of her bacon.

"You let me have a piece." I say to her.

"You my brother he is just some random dude that's about to die." She says pouncing on him. He runs away into her room before we hear a crash followed be a scream.

"You better have not broken that!" Lily shouts running into her room. We follow her and see her hugging a drum. Ash is staring at her in amusement.

"Did he hurt you? Mommy's got you now." She says to the drum.

"You play?" Ash asks holding up his drum sticks.

"I did until you broke my sticks!" She says holding up a broken drumstick.

"What did you play?" Cal asks. She laughs.

"I play the snare drum in the band." She says setting the drum again the wall. My sister plays drums and not the guitar.

"Maybe we can play sometime." Ash smiles to her. She rolls her eyes and throws her drumsticks in the trash.

"What do you want?" She asks looking at us.

"I wanna go shopping." Cal says looking at us for a nod of agreement. We nod and follow him.

"How is the money here?" Lily asks grabbing her wallet.

"Don't worry, buy whatever you want, I'll pay." I say wrapping a arm around her neck.

"Anything?" She asks smirking. Cal laughs as he hears our conversation.

"I like this girl." Cal says getting into the car.

"Nothing over $100." I say sliding into the backseat. Lily walks around and gets in the front seat beside Ash.

We drive to the mall and walk into some fans. lily latches onto my arm as we walk by them. I notice them glaring then realizing who she is, gotta love them. She and Ash wonder off into a store dedicated to drums. She comes and joins us later as we walk around waiting for Ash. He comes out later with a bag and we walk into some more clothes before Mikey pulls us into the food court.

"Um...guys." I hear Lily mutter. We turn around and see a mob running toward us. That is a big group!

"I think we should skip food!" Mikey says running to the exit. We follow him as Lily actually stops to take pictures with them.

"Only her!" Cal shouts as we watch her walk out smiling. She climbs into the seat and starts laughing for no reason.

"What?" I ask her laughing.

"Your fans think I am going on tour with you. I have only known you for 4 days and they expect me to tour with you." She says looking at me through the mirror.

"You wouldn't go on tour with us?" I ask kinda hurt that she won't come.

"Maybe in the future but not now, why?" She asks furrowing her eyebrows.

"Because we wanted you to come with us tomorrow." Mikey says to her smiling.

"Um...what did mom say?" She asks.

"That you could go so we could bond.” I say quietly. She frowns and sighs.

"Fine, better be glad I didn't unpack my suitcase." She says crossing her arms.

"Yay!" Ash says taking his hands off the wheel. Lily grabs into the wheel when the car starts to swerve.

"Hands on the wheel at all times!" She screams with wide eyes. We laugh and Ash replaces his hands on the wheel. This is going to be a fun tour. 

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