18 Years (Ashton Irwin FanFic)

What would you do if you learned you mother was lying to you for the past 18 years and is really the one who abducted you?

*This is the original story written by me on another site*


3. Meeting Her

Luke's POV-

It has taken 18 years to find her. Will she even like us? Will she rather be with those sick people? Will she fit in with the family or is she just as sick as them now? Of course she isn't sick like them, what am I thinking? I am just nervous to meet her; I wonder if she knows who I am. 

"Luke calm down baby." Mom says rubbing my knee that is jumping up and down. 

"Sorry, just nervous." I say trying to stop bouncing my knee due to nervousness.

"I am to; I finally get to hold my other baby." She says letting a wet tear drop out her eye.

"This plane is taking forever to land." I hear Ben mutter from behind us. Everyone agrees with him on that.

We are ready to see the lost member of our family after 18 years of not knowing if she was alive or dead. When we got the call that she was found, I was thrilled, scared, happy, and sad. What has she gone through in 18 years? Did they raise her like a daughter or did they mistreat her? Does she go by Victoria? 

"Remember to call her Lilac, not Victoria. She has grown up as Lilac, so don't mention the name Victoria." Dad says warning us all. This is all too much to handle right now. I'm still in shock that we found her in Idaho. 

The plane finally lands ad I swear we run off the plane after grabbing our carry-on bags. We get into the police car waiting for us. This is it; we are going to meet her. It is too late to turn back in fear and run.

We pull up to a small police station where it looks like the whole town population is standing to see us arrive. This time it's not fans crying, its mothers, friends, and family crying over this story. We walk in to see a girl and guy crying as they hug another girl. 

"This is Lilac; Lilac this is your real family." The woman says as she puts an arm around the girl that was crying. She looks up and I see the familiar facial features we have. Those blue eyes everyone loves and the cheek bone. Her hair however is darker than mine. 

"Hello." She whispers to us. Mom is the first to go and hug her. Surprisingly Lilac hugs her back and they cry together. I can't imagine how she feels and I never want to know how she feels. Her friends walk over to her wiping their eyes. 

"I'm sorry Lily, I shouldn’t have called and we could be living normal now."  The girl says hugging the girl.

"It's ok Meg, they are my family. Those people in there just lied to everyone." She said looking to a small room where a man and woman sit. Dad walks over to the room and stares at them. Ben and Jack go and hug her next. She is getting hugged a lot today. I go and hug her and as soon as I touch her it seems as the hole my heart is filled. I finally have my other half back with me. 

"Are you coming back to Australia with us?" Mom up and asks. Lilac looks back at her friends than to the room. 

"I have something to do first." She says walking over to the room and disappearing inside. We walk over and watch her.

Lilac's POV-

"Why did you do it?" I ask sitting at the head of the table between them. They look at me and take deep breaths. "Answer me!" I shout to them. 

"You looked so much like her." Mom answers.

"So that gave you the right to take me away from my family!" I yell getting mad.

"We are sorry, but I just wanted a baby girl and you became her." Dad shouts back.

"You’re sick in the fucking head!" I scream to them. A police comes in to stop anything that’s about to happen.

"You’re our daughter, don't talk like that." Mom whispers.

"I am not your daughter anymore. You’re the fucking sick minded people you told me to stay away from. How can I stay away from them when they are the ones I trusted?" I ask starting to cry.

"Sweetie." Mom goes to hug me. I flinch away from her.

"No, I trusted you when you said I wasn't adopted and something odd happened with my blood type. You lied to me about everything." I say now fully sobbing.

"Not about everything." They state. I look up at them.

"We never lied about loving you." Mom says trying to grab my hand. I retract it back under the table. 

"I hope you both rot in hell." I say standing up and walking out to meet the arms of my real mom, the one who never lost hope on finding me, the one who didn't give up until she found me, and the one who took me in at any age. 

"I want to come with you mom." I say clinging onto her. This is a hug I needed for a long time. 

"I want you to come also." She says rubbing my hair. Things are finally starting to be true in my life. 

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