18 Years (Ashton Irwin FanFic)

What would you do if you learned you mother was lying to you for the past 18 years and is really the one who abducted you?

*This is the original story written by me on another site*


14. Epilogue

Lily's POV-

"Oww!" I yell and Meg places the tiara in the crown of my hair.

"Hold still and it won't hurt!" She yells. I sit still and in seconds the veil is on. 

"Why am I doing this again?" I ask as she fixes my hair and makeup.

"Because you love him!"  Rae says putting my heels on me. 

"If you say so." I say taking a deep breath and looking into the mirror.

Two months ago I said yes to Ashton when he asked me to marry him. I now sit in a room at the back of the church as I get reading. The boys are helping Ashton get ready for this day we have been waiting for. I am now getting cold feet, it's not because I don't love him or anything I am just nervous. 

"Okay, time to go." Carrie says opening the door for us.

I take a shaky breath and walk out. Meg and Luke walk down the aisle first, then it's Carrie and Mikey, and last but not least Rae and Calum. Dad holds out his arm, I wrap my around it and pick up the bouquet of flowers. 

"You'll be fine." He says.

I nod my head and as a the ring bearer and then the flower girl walk down the aisle.. We walk behind her and the whole way down I tell myself "toothbrush, toothpaste" A friend I work with told me to say that and I would freak out. It worked because we are soon at the end of the long isle.

 "Who gives this woman to this man in marriage?" The efficient asks. 

"Her mother and I do." Dad responds. I step forward as dad takes his seat. Ashton also takes a step forward, to meet me in the middle. I pass my bouquet to Meg and. Me and Ashton face each other and grab onto each other's hands. He makes a funny face causing me to smile.

"Ashton and Lilac - Today you enter as individuals, but you will leave here as husband and wife, blending your lives, expanding your family ties, and embarking upon the grandest adventure of human interaction. The story of your life together is still yours to write. All those present have come to witness and celebrate your love and commitment this day - eager to be a part of the story not yet told." The efficient says to us both taking a pause.

"Aston and Lilac, remember to treat yourselves and each other with respect, and remind yourselves often of what brought you together. Take responsibility for making the other feel safe, and give the highest priority to the tenderness, gentleness and kindness that your connection deserves. When frustration, difficulty and fear assail your relationship, as they threaten all relationships at some time or another, remember to focus on what is right between you, not just the part that seems wrong. In this way, you can survive the times when clouds drift across the face of the sun in your lives, remembering that, just because you may lose sight of it for a moment, does not mean the sun has gone away. And, if each of you takes responsibility for the quality of your life together, it will be marked by abundance and delight." He continues again. My God this is a lot of talking from this man!

"Do you Ashton Fletcher Irwin, take Lilac Maria Hemmings to be your lawfully wedded wife, promising to love and cherish, through joy and sorrow, sickness and health, and whatever challenges you may face, for as long as you both shall live?" The efficient asks looking at Ashton.

 "I do." Ashton says smiling as he gives my hand a squeeze,

"Do you Lilac Maria Hemmings, take Ashton Fletcher Irwin to be your lawfully wedded Husband, promising to love and cherish, through joy and sorrow, sickness and health, and whatever challenges you may face, for as long as you both shall live?" The efficient asks looking at me.

"I do." I say smiling at Ashton. The ring bearer walks up to Ash and hands him the rings. 

"With this ring, I thee wed." Ashton says placing the rings on my finger. I grab the single sliver band and place in on his finger.

"With this ring, I thee wed." I say looking at Ashton. 

"And now, by the power vested in me by the Sydney, I hereby pronounce you husband and wife. Ashton, you may kiss your bride." Ash smiles and kisses me softly on the lips. I hear wolf whistles coming from behind Ashton and throughout the crowd.

"Family and Friends, I present to you for the first time, Mr. and Mrs. Ashton Fletcher Irwin." The efficient  says loudly. I pick up my dress and walk down the aisle hand in hand with Ash.

We get into the car and ride around for a while. I strip off the bottom layer of my dress as we are riding around. It is to hot to wear an oversized tutu on my wedding night. Ashton laughs at the Tear off the bottom layer making the dress a now tight fitting cocktail dress. We finally arrive at the wedding reception after everyone else. We walk in hand in hand behind the wedding party. 

Everyone claims tables by groups and sits down. I and Ashton slowly make our way to every table. I am ready to get this over with, so I can eat that dang cake.  Once we tell everyone thank you, we go sit with the groomsmen and bridesmaids. We get our plates of food and eat while cracking sexual jokes at each other. 

"Okay, can I have the bride and groom up here for the first dance?" The DJ speaks into the microphone. We walk onto the dance floor as my all-time favorite song starts playing Time Of My Life. We dance and slowly everyone joins in.  The songs slowly fads out and the DJ starts again.

"How about that the mother and son dance now?" He asks with a chuckle, Ashton grabs hold on his mom and starts dancing with her to A Song for My Son. We all went old school with our songs, because we are like that! I feel a tear drop as I listen to the song she chooses to dance to. I can see him shed a tiny tear as he listens as he slow dances with her. When the songs end, I know I have red eyes from crying after that. 

"Now we all know this father didn't have much time to see his daughter grow up, but another man did, but..." The DJ pauses. "This man found a song to describe their relationship the best a song could. Will the father of the bride and the bride please come to center of the dance floor?" He asks starting the song I Loved Her First I start crying as I wrap my arms around dad and we slow dance. I see Ashton smiling and wiping a tear. We are all crying by the time this song ends.

"Now all the couples get up on that dance floor with you baby." The DJ says into his microphone.  I find Ashton and we get in the center. People crowd around us as A Thousand Years starts playing. We all dance once dance and then head over to the cake to cut it.

Me and Ashton made sure to not let anyone make a toast because, let’s be honest we were all on our way to being drunk since we were 18 and over. Ashton and me cross hands and cut two pieces to feed each other.  We laugh and grab our pieces. He smashes his piece on my face. I smash mine all over his face and spread it on his face. Everyone laughs as we begin to clean it off each other. We then cross arms and drink champagne. Once we are done we let someone cut the cake for everyone as we sit and eat our own pieces of cake. 

"Okay if all the unmarried ladies step in the middle so, we can throw the bouquet?" The DJ asks as I stand in the middle. I walk to the middle and throw it back. I turn and see Meg caught it. I laugh and look to see Luke smiling and the boys patting his back.

At around midnight everyone drifts outside. I and Ashton walk out to have birdseed thrown at us as we get into the car that is covered in shaving cream and streamers. Tin cans are tied to the back of the car. We get in and drive to the hotel room we are staying at for the night. In the morning we will leave for Fiji.  I change into one of Ashton's shirts before climbing in bed.

"Goodnight Mr. Irwin." I say turning to face Ashton. 

"Goodnight Mrs. Irwin." He says cuddling me. I smile at him and rest my head on his chest. I like the sound of that....Mrs. Irwin forever and always.

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